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  1. سلام .. دوستان کسی در حال حاضر تو این سرور داره بازی میکنه؟ اگه بازی میکنین، با چه فیلترشکنی میرین؟ دهنمون صاف شده بخدا
  2. Hey everyone.. I'm a new player to this server, I've played burning crusade and mists of pandaria, and I'm going to start again in Legion expansion I have some questions, and i want to ask you about them: How is the balance in Sylvanas realm? I mean... Alliance ane hord, are they even? Or they have different amount of players? And about classes... Which class is more than the others and.... And another thing is: which version of Legion is Sylvanas based on? 7.15 or 7.25?? Thank you for your helps