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  1. Title: Cross-faction bg's and arenas (MoP) Type: In-game Description:  So my idea is to enable crossfaction battlegrounds and arenas,since sometimes queue times is too long when you queue battlegrounds or arena and you wait sometimes 30mins or more, I think if cross faction will be accepted that it would descrease time required to enter bgs,and arenas since alliance side is more populated then horde.. Let me note what you think about this idea and should it be aproved by gms cheers! Jazeera
  2. Title: Firestorm by it self Type: In-game Description:  Greeting fellow players,respective gm's and other's as you well know and you are aware,if Firestorm continues to develop this way i think it won't survive for a long time.Everything that is happening here will lead to losing the player little by little and ending up like other good servers like Molten Wow,Noltarius,Warmane etc... So what is my proposition and my idea what should Firestorm do to make this place better and more fun for incoming and old players. As first i think it would be good for Firestorm to merge with some good server like TauriWoW where is like 99% of content scripted including vanilla,tbc,wotlk,cata dungeons raids MoP normal/heroic dungeons,all difficulty raids,normal/heroic scenarios bg's world pvp battles,no bugged contents including quest real lore staring chain quests,working classes and else... So it is my opinion about whole thing around happenings here,i would gladly hear and accept your reviews,comments about this...cheers!
  3. Title: In game dungeon teleport(MoP) Garrosh Type: In-game Description: So guys i tough i should suggest this great idea i saw earlier tho it was on PTR realm but i think it would help especialy to pve geared players who do dungeons/raids world bosses 24/7. So the idea is to place an npc in Horde and Alliance main cities:Orgimmar/Stormwind that will teleport you in front of entrance of any dungeon/raid/wb entrance starting from vanilla dungeons and raids by order...tell me what do you think about this idea cheers
  4. Title: Solo queue(Garosh) MoP Type: In-game Description:  I got suggestion to little refix the solo queue and also allow tank speced people to join solo queue i dont know why its forbidden for tanks to joins since prot warrior,blood dk,guardian druid are viable for pvp...
  5. Title: Suggestion01 Type: In-game Description:  Greeting college players,developers and gm's.I have to suggest one idea linked to mists of pandaria realm and something else.So my first idea or how should i say suggestion is to enable and make playable Wintergrasp,Tol Barad world PvP "bg" instances and call to arms,and ofc to scale them with level 90 npc's like in Demolisher,Siege Engine in bgs.I think these two bg's would pass very well at PvP players and be accepted.The second thing i dont know about you but they should close vanilla,tbc,wotkl cata realm since it doesnt even have 300 players online and leave realms for MoP,WoD and Legion or just MoP and Legion it's a necessary population loss pls consider my idea best regrads ex gm (Mixtapee)
  6. No it isn't i'll try too remember at least my email ty for the help
  7. Hello im intrested is it possible to restore my old banned account and transfer all characters to my existing account.i got banned 2y ago or more for tp hacking or speed hacking or something like that,i know i have mistaken but it's not the reason to perma ban me,but it wasnt the main problem gm which banned me was scared when i told im gonna hack firestorm site but i dont even know to use notepad c++ or other hacking software,please respond me soon as possible one of my character was Bibaprincess Orc Hunter MoP but i forgot everything about this acc including my email,username and password for logging in... Kind regrats Jazeera aka Bibaprincess
  8. Class information: Stalwart protector who uses a shield to safeguard him self and his allies Type: Tank/Dps Gems: Meta: Reverberating Primal Diamond +216 Strenght and +3% Increased critical effect Red: Bold Primodial Ruby or Bold Serpent's Eye if you got Jewelcrafting +160 Strenght or +320 Strength Yellow: Inscribed Vermilion Onyx or Smooth Serpent's Eye if you got Jewelcrafting +80 Strenght and +160 Critical Strike or +480 Critical Strike Blue: Radiant Wild Jade +160 Critical Strike and +80 PvP Power Prismatic: Blood Primodial Ruby or Bold Serpent's Eye +160 Strenght or +320 Strength Enchants: Head: N/A Neck: N/A Shoulder: Greater Tiger Fang Inscription +200 Strenght and +100 Critical Strike Cloak: Superior Critical Strike +180 Critical Strike Chest: Super Resilience +200 PvP Resilience Bracer: Mastery +170 Mastery Weapon: Dancing Steel +1650 Strenght around 10 seconds Shield: Greater Stamina +300 Stamina Gloves: Super Strenght +170 Strenght Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle +1 Extra gem socket for belt Legs: Angerhide Leg Armor +285 Strenght and +165 Critical Strike Boots: Pandaren Step +140 Mastery and increased move speed Rings: N/A Reforging: Expertise-->Critical Strike Expertise-->Mastery Haste-->Mastery Hit-->Mastery and Critical Strike --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Macros: Burst macro: /cast Blood Fury /cast Recklessness /cast Berserker Rage /cast Avatar /use 13 Demoralizing,Skull and Mocking Banner macro: #showtooltip Skull Banner /cast Skull Banner #showtooltip Mocking Banner /cast Mocking Banner #showtooltip Demoralizing Banner /cast Demoralizing Banner Medallion of Cruelty Macro: #showtooltip Grievous Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty /use 14 /cast Grieovus Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty PvP guide made by r1 protection warrior Jazeera cheers.
  9. Class information: Invokes the power of the light to heal and protect Type: Heal/Dps Gems: Meta: Burning Primal Diamond +216 Intellect and 3% Increased critical effect Red: Potent Vermilion Onyx +80 Intellect and +160 Critical Strike Yellow: Smooth Sun's Radiance +320 Critical Strike Blue: Mysterious Imperial Amethyst +80 Intellect and +80 PvP Power Prismatic: Potent Vermilion Onyx +80 Intellect and +160 Critical Strike Enchants: Head: N/A Neck: N/A Shoulder: Greater Crane Wing Inscription +200 Intellect and +100 Critical Strike Cloak: Superior Critical Strike +180 Critical Strike Chest: Glorious Stats +80 All Stats Bracer: Super Intellect +180 Intelligence Weapon: Jade Spirit Shield: Major Intellect +165 Intelligence Gloves: Greater Haste +170 Haste Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle +1 extra socket for belt Legs: Greater Cerulean Spellthread +285 Intellect and +165 Critical Strike Boots: Greater Haste +175 Haste Rings(if you got enchanting): Greater Intellect +160 Intelligence Stats priority: Intelligence-->Spirit-->Critical-->Haste-->Mastery Reforging: Mastery-->Haste Mastery-->Critical Haste-->Critical So reforg mastery to haste and critical,and some haste to critical also,because mastery is useless when you play shockadin and its less important stat. Tell me how you liked my PvP guide im next posting my Pwar PvP guide and Surv Hunter PvP guide for Mists cheers!
  10. Nice idea tho there was once a npc who boost instantly to 90 but they removed it it was there for a short time,not a bad idea they should set npc with tyranical gear and allow players to buy tyranical pvp gear for gold instead of honor or conquest points,the second thing i agree they should give all players like 100fp since its hardly to donate and just few people donate on this server... goodluck in your idea and head up also pls check my idea to add arenas and bg from last expansions. Bg like Wintergrasp and Tol Barad and arenas like circle of blood etc... glhf cheers!