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  1. So will players be able to buy gold from the cash shop for Sethraliss characters? If so, you are saying go ahead and screw up the economy all you long as you are willing to pay us to do so.
  2. They said they don't want players with a lot of gold screwing up the economy. And what they mean by that is...they sell gold in the cash shop for real money! You starting to get the picture now?
  3. They add Boris at holiday time because they don't want to give cash shop currency as a gift the way other servers do. Just throw Boris up and maybe add a "sale" to try and get even more money out of the players. Pretty bad thank you to all the Firestorm supporters if you ask me, but i don't care since i would never support this server financially.
  4. Don't buy loot boxes until the description is changed to say that they contain 2nd wing drops as well.
  5. It's really not so bad to lvl up here. On Sylvanas for example there is x3 exp rate from 1-90, then from 90-110 it's x5 and this is very fast since you have a few good grind spots that make it much faster than questing at that point. Even if Boris does return for Christmas, you can get a free max lvl alt then...i mean who doesn't like to have at least 1 alt right? I say just jump in and get going.
  6. So they updated the description without actually updating the ilvl of the gear inside? If you didn't get help yet, just open a ticket in shop support...i'm sure they will reimburse you or give you new lootboxes (after they fix them ofc). Also, they would probably need to remove whatever 910 items you got from the other lootboxes.
  7. No, todays is Argussian Reach and i see that. If you don't then relog and you should. Yesterdays though never appeared so...don't know what happened there.
  8. Did something happen with the Emissary quests? Not receiving any new one today.
  9. And this time it's not just a visual bug like we have had before. This gear can't be equipped at all.
  10. When i log on my warlock i get a message "you have unlearned Netherlord's Chaotic Wrathsteed" and can't use it obviously, even though i received it by doing mage tower months ago... is anyone going to fix this?
  11. My lock's mount that i rightfully got from mage tower is also unusable, stating "you do not meet the requirements for this mount". Maybe not the proper requirement, but i surely met Firestorm's requirement to get it.
  12. I'd like to know this as well, because in 7.2.5 you can craft gear to 900 but devs had capped this at 885. Even now it's still capped at 885...why no increase yet?
  13. I have both Firestorm addons enabled and can send invite for RaF, but nobody is receiving the invitation emails... Why is this not working? And like someone else said, i only see the icon with the hands shaking and not the reward icon. Is that only visible AFTER you have recruited a friend?
  14. Nope, and now same thing with High Mountain...
  15. So, there are multiple quests and world quests that suffer from this bug, and have for as i have played here on Firestorm, including new ones now on the Broken Shore. I have been dealing with one of these all day that is keeping me from completing a quest that is now mandatory to unlock flying in Legion. Is there some reason why this has STILL not been fixed? I have opened a ticket just to be told by a GM that they can not autocomplete a quest for a player....seriously? Isn't the point of having GM's to be able to aid players with these sort of in game issues? Is the ability to autocomplete a quest to much power for a Firestorm GM to handle? If a GM can not help us with something like this, then what is the point of having them? Just to tell us to report something on the bugtracker? This is a widely known bug that the developers obviously do NOT know how to fix! So in this case, why not help a player who has been dealing with this all day? A system message is in game telling us that if we have an issue to open a ticket and a game master will help us, but this just doesn't seem to be the case.