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  1. "Trial of Valor will be released in mythic mode on January 13th, 2018 at 18:00 (CET). Loot and achievements will be available as well!"
  2. Normal dmg!
  3. Mod Edit: Blue Dinner Suit
  4. Npcscan!
  5. This AV fix was the biggest joke that has been received so far. A boss with no buff managed to kill the whole group with only one hit. 100% fix!
  6. Tatto Mod + Body model + Cloth mod
  7. Testing models Legion ( 7.0.3/.7.1.0 )
  8. Pala Retri/Holy
  9. warlords of draenor

    Esc> System> Enable new model
  10. Using mod: body and clothes
  11. Sombraluna has a lot more people. Grommash as main noire are oriented pure pvp.
  12. What I want whenever I see a horde in BG
  13. Setting mods: models and clothes
  14. In Frostfire ridge, near the garrison horde have an area with many mobs that drop 3/4 green item. Normally I stay there for an hour and do 35k - 50k gold, selling only green item