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  1. Are u planning to add kul tiras humans and zandalari trolls race soon, or you will leave it for 8.1 patch ?
  2. So there is this glitch like when you try to transmog your polearm into like legion artifact form or mage tower forms you cant but when you put dagger. I tought its normal but when i searched on youtube on retail you can transmog your polearm as feral into legion artifact forms. So you cna only transmog daggers but there is not agility dagger that can drop when you are in mythic
  3. migration

    @catcher I transfered 2 years ago cuz i wanted to switch from a stupidest server named Monster...
  4. Title: Boris Type: In-game Description:  So will npc Boris be added soon ?
  5. So i migrated accidently 1 character, Cant you like migrate 2 characters i have 1 on alliance but i want 1 on horde i wanna transfer to BFA