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  1. Argus here boys lets do it
  2. Servers offline now
  3. Someone help me to fix this sheat i cant login
  4. Me to
  5. Wtf is that it says just Logging in to game servers and after that again on starting page ??????
  6. Can please Moderator or GM to type here when server is incontabile to say why is it that and what they fix.
  7. Draenor is bugged i accidentally click on portal to asharan while i was dead and i cant got in my main
  8. servers offline for like 15 mins for me why?? its just "WOW YOU HAVE BEEN DISCONNECTED"
  9. server offline now?? why
  10. void elf second quest from start doesn't work Hero's call board do not load
  11. Thanks bro
  12. It say its starter edition in battle.net is that 7.3.5 or just starter like vanila?
  13. I need to instal wow in PTR 7.3.5 folder?
  14. What exacly i need to DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i DON'T KNOWWWWWW!!!!
  15. Is here some Serbian to explain me what exacly i need to do?