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  1. is it just me or everytime i make a new char , like the new dk i made , i was at the brownmill quest and neither was the npc at brownmill , or the lich king at deaths breach when i tried to reset the quest , it seems like after some quests , once u finish some of them , the rest dont work , idk what to do
  2. when i try to eiter extract it , or put it in the addons folder in the firestorm thingy it tells me cannot open legion WoW firestorm/addons Pack 7.0.3.rar the system cannot find the file specifed and legion WoW firestorm/addons pack 7.0.3.rar : no files to extract
  3. so i downloaded a addon pack from the site , and i have the addons on my desktop , but how do i make it so i have them ingame?
  4. soo i was doing the starting zone of pandas , until i hit a point in where i cant get the quest called the healing shin-zin su , and there are two of the ncps that give that quest (ji firepaw) one says greetings BigBigPanda and the other allows me to upgrade gear of lvl 465 or above , help?
  5. For Sylvans , For The Forsaken , For The Horde , FOR GLOY
  6. For Sylvanas , For The Forsaken , For Glory
  7. For Sylvanas , For The Forsaken , For Glory
  8. yes but it wont let me it turn it in,
  9. idk if this should be here , but i cant finish the night web's hollow , it tells me to return to executor arren but instead of a yellow question mark he has a grey one , i tried redoing this quest like 20 times but still the samething , pls help me ive been stuck a whole day on this