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  1. make a bugtracker report.
  2. we're aware of the issues and are working on resolving them. hang in there. =)
  3. unholy is pretty fun and extremely faceroll. u do hella damage with basically spamming wound bursts 24/7 as you do not need to care abour rune regeneration anymore (thanks for the casual boosted playstyle blizzard).
  4. heirlooms an also be bought in-game from vendors for various currencies such as gold & honor, etc. too. :-)
  5. Bumping this to oblivion won't speed up developers work. Changelogs are delivered when a cycle (set amount of class/pve/pvp fixes) ends and everything has been tested and given the green light to go live. This doesn't happen every week like your bumps since we don't have 100 developers but just a few.
  6. They did announce the cause, on discord. The server was in debug mode. It is always unstable during this phase to seek out crash reasons.
  7. Spamming for it definitely won't speed up the process of it being delivered. :-)
  8. tfw complaining when u've all got 30k+ intellect
  9. if you donate, you should receive Golden Points, which you can spend on mounts, transmog sets, weapons, artifact illusions and similar stuff. they look like this; if you did not receive the according amount of points, make a shop support ticket.
  10. sylvanas

    The ID? more information would be lovely.
  11. pls stop before it's too late =)
  12. i have seen a guildie of mine obtain one of the bindings last week i believe.
  13. the simplest solution would be to re-download the client or running the repair tool. x)
  14. Health templates have been adjusted, as well as ilvl scaling, with the last update. (it was bugged before) - that's why you're seeing the changes. x)
  15. It shouldn't get you banned since it doesn't provide any benefits. Here's a link for 7.1.5 tMorph https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzfcTMSbZbbbX0hpUkVGLUpkQU0?usp=sharing