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  1. they vlosed the servers now... i think
  2. Also,there is a problem with the allied races quest,in fact the quest "A stranger in a stranger world" doesn't work properly,you can go and complete the quest but cannot turn it in.
  3. Yep,The PTR is awesome! except Lunarfall crash and a lil' bit of lag!
  4. well,it says that i can't download it,nice,oh well,gues i'll wait for a fix.
  5. Dat link was pretty helpful,thank ya.
  6. any solutions for the crash upon connecting to the servers?No?ok.
  7. Crash on log in screen. Fair enough.
  8. Nah,forget it,in the end it started.
  9. Yo guys,i can't even strart the PTR launcher.
  10. time 4 me 2 join
  11. Man i don't think that y'all are blind.
  12. yep
  13. Im in: Melekor as my Alliance worgen char. And Myroenllin as my Belf.
  14. I know that a guy asked already for something similiar i nthe shop,but what about putting in the shop a Frostmourne ,But not the sword of Arthas,well,i mean, a Replica of Frostmourne,just for cosmetic Purposes for 100 Fire storm points, bet peps would love it. Have a nice day!