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  1. Hello, Now it depends on the enemy, If he got the PvP Symbol then it means that you must turn on PvP to kill them. Orange enemies can also be Opposite faction's players under certain circumstances (PvP Enabled) It could always be a glithced enemy,too!would be useful if you could send a Screenshot!
  2. I just completed the Achievment "Leading the Cavalry" Today to get one of my favourite mounts, The Albino Drake. What's the problem then? The problem is that after that i checked the mail and there was nothing, Then i check with others characters and turns out that my level 55 Dwarf name "Ohboiboi" Got the item via mail,and he's a temporaly character which i was planning on deleting,as such he doesn't have nor the required level nor the required riding skil. Why he got the mail instead of my main?Now im stuck with an untradable and unusable awesome dragon.I tried to open an in-game ticked but it seems that i cannot do that (the button is grey).What should i do? Thanks,Melekor.
  3. they vlosed the servers now... i think
  4. Also,there is a problem with the allied races quest,in fact the quest "A stranger in a stranger world" doesn't work properly,you can go and complete the quest but cannot turn it in.
  5. Yep,The PTR is awesome! except Lunarfall crash and a lil' bit of lag!
  6. well,it says that i can't download it,nice,oh well,gues i'll wait for a fix.
  7. Dat link was pretty helpful,thank ya.
  8. any solutions for the crash upon connecting to the servers?No?ok.
  9. Crash on log in screen. Fair enough.
  10. Nah,forget it,in the end it started.
  11. Yo guys,i can't even strart the PTR launcher.
  12. time 4 me 2 join
  13. Man i don't think that y'all are blind.