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  1. This was suppose be to fixed I thought? Seriously isn't fixed? Bummmer. Someone make a bug report so we can all vote it up.
  2. Currently the Recruit a Friend system works really weird. It only work with the FIRST character your recruit makes. After that it does not work if they are to delete it if they find themselves not liking it and wanna roll something else. Horrible design choice in my personal opinion. I'm going to suggest a better way to have this system working instead of the way it currently works because it is really flawed. No matter what it should work on any char we make. There needs to be rules in place to prevent abuse. For example. Let the recruit a friend work on any character we make and level with our recruit. After the first time 1-110s. The second leveling process only gives certain bonuses since you have already completed it once. Take away the legendary bonus (SHARE YOUR LUCK) from RAF for second time levelers that have completed 1 round of 1-110 withing their 90 day grace period. This will ensure there isn't abuse with people just pushing as many chars to 110 with RAF and trying to get legendary s on all of them. Yea, sure we could remove other bonuses and streamline it for second timers but this is the biggest one. This really needs to be considered because my son and I decided to level something different and now we can't because of how the system works now which makes no sense at all.
  3. Seems like there is a bug with RAF, my son and I had it working. We decided to change classes and remake our chars and yet we are not getting the RAF to work now? What could the issue be?
  4. Has anyone else ran into this issue? The first time it happened I was disconnected while I was dead and once I came back I was unable to ress myself at all unless I used the spirit healer or unstuck feature. I am wondering if anyone has figured another way around this yet or we just gotta wait for the bug fix? https://i.imgur.com/fJQQz8D.jpg https://i.imgur.com/DLm0dAk.jpg