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  1. what is funny exactly? that u just assume there are no bugs because bugtracker is empty ? yes that is funny
  2. it would be even better to release Boss by Boss if u have it at least working as intented...uldir still is bugged wdym and wow is not raid only its dungeons pvp everything...and right now nothing even works close as intented...
  3. open wow as an admin make your binds and relog should work
  4. <--- stucked too dw u are not the only ones...i know alot more other People who stucked
  5. Suffocating Dark fixed….Rupture realities should get fixed too soon..as for the others read what i wrote above
  6. Calcified Quills works..i saw Always boss targeting a Player and the debuff on that Player..."unchecked rage" does 42 mil dmg correct..dont Forget that he does also some extra dmg on the tank..."Suffocating Dark" <---- seeing Forward for this one..and rupture realities too
  7. the eggs issue is reported already gonna check the dmg issue and it will be reported instantly too if thats true ty for your info
  8. this is not true everything above Level 10 is giving 890 ilvl..and it is legit..it was like that on retail too before tos mythic release
  9. Could u Please increase the ilvl Now at release Date...and the changes in mm+ Too...cause all the times u said u will increase ilvl it took like 1 more Week than the actualy release of the Raid like u said in past releases
  10. mythic plus should scale up to Keystone Level 15 when tombs mythic opens (Retail) will it be here like this too ?
  11. sounds like a l2p issue to me: for People with understandings issues: i said u are Right its Buggy but its easy...i told u to learn how to handle it til it gets fixed nonsense again? l2p
  12. u completly Right..but also completly wrong...one of the easiest Affix here on firestorm if you do it Right..Maybe u should work a Little on some "handling firestorms teeming" before this gets fixed the only fucked up Thing would be naltira and some other bosses which gives double adds during boss fight (which i never saw on eoa only lower kara) nvm still with those Bugs its an easy Affix to handle on firestorm
  13. Can you please explain this Picture here? it clearly says on the mythic+ changes for 7.2.5 -------> Once Tomb unlocks, gear will scale up to Keystone level 15. Why Keystones scale here only til Level 10? ...
  14. i didnt check everything u wrote but the most u wrote seems ok...u get from 10+ 890 base...and in weekly chest for 10+ u get 905 still for 11+ 12+ and and it should be higher ilvl since we have the Content for 7.2.5 but anyway fuck it im not gonna waste my time..they always talk about blizzlike...but they make mm+ useles now since the max ilvl is 940...and u get from 10+ 890+ .......and u only have 3 bosses in tos hc which drop 915+ ....pay to win.....world of warcraft shouldnt be like this....atleast ist not like this in retail....here u have some unskilled Players who just buy boxes and u see them running with 940ilvl....but didnt kill 1 boss in tos hc ....legit blizzlike firestorm ty
  15. i can confirm that..im here since start of Legion...and its simply since start til now not 1minute full of bugfree....u will find Bugs everywhere whole time ...if old Bugs are gone another double so much Bugs are found new ...so have fun