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  1. dont get me wrong i just reffered to the fact that they break things that work..
  2. nobody cares about that rly...
  3. what i think its more relevant...that "things" used to work..then from 1day to the next they got bugged..and they didnt fix it since months...2 examples ...nl entrance bug...and the mobs that cant be attacked at first boss in mos...and they attack sometimes during fight if u are close to them random players and u cant attack them....
  4. its same ok but will it be increased?
  5. because its faster to link it in world everybody sees it..and and and...what u want to achieve by lock this option? u dont do keys?
  6. what is your problem with that? u dont have other things to care? only because there is something working we are forced to use that? kids ...u can also eat stones why u dont do that? oh right u dont want to...so dont make idiot posts...care more about bugs and things and not because people are searching for people in world chat lol...u on period or something? Topic Closed!
  7. ehm and why u dont answer the peoples main question? ilvl increase will be for what? it should be for keystones too and all ....so would u be so kind to answer or why u dont answer
  8. exactly! fire should be marked where its gonna land...and too many adds....nice work here from the brotha