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  1. i can confirm that..im here since start of Legion...and its simply since start til now not 1minute full of bugfree....u will find Bugs everywhere whole time ...if old Bugs are gone another double so much Bugs are found new ...so have fun
  2. recruitment

    i knew it that was the plan! sign me up i tank those Level 1 mobs
  3. recruitment

    oh and before any smart gm comes with a bann ..i know friend and im kidding and she knows it
  4. recruitment

    a girl guild leader damn what u want to raid level 1 mobs at starterzones?
  5. well and as holy pala door at phase 3 doesnt open..with all 3 companions alive...did this got fixed? ...
  6. man tell me i wanted to see those 9000 Players online with boris...but those crashes every 5min showed me always 0 Players on i guess yeah they forgot to add the 900 before the 0...was a realy smart move to implent those 100 Things on a Server which is not stable atm god damn god give them brains
  7. u will see your 9000 stable tomorrow..dw....noumbers dont lie...
  8. if u want boris with no laggs and shit put a Limit of chars creations...or dont allow People who have already 110 char to make new chars even with new account....cause tomorrow we will have again a shitton lagg...like this if a new Player joins the Server with boris he wont witness 1000hours laggs and insta leave...use Brains ...
  9. boris brings new Players.....and boris make new Players leave^^ new Players come here make new boris char they see 2000sec delay = leave = u loose both Players = rip logic
  10. logic of boris i explain to you Boris = Server laggs af.....Server stable after release 7.3.5 ? = No.......bring boris out now = smart? = No ...
  11. ???
  12. ilvl cap is now 925? cause u said with release of nh mm ilvl cap will be 925 ....
  13. dont get me wrong i just reffered to the fact that they break things that work..
  14. nobody cares about that rly...
  15. what i think its more relevant...that "things" used to work..then from 1day to the next they got bugged..and they didnt fix it since months...2 examples ...nl entrance bug...and the mobs that cant be attacked at first boss in mos...and they attack sometimes during fight if u are close to them random players and u cant attack them....