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  1. and you think they need arena spectator to know who is playing arena ? .....just do yourself a favor and delete this post
  2. explore abit and you maybe find or open eyes?^^
  3. you are welcome
  4. tipota
  5. if they fix this im superman
  6. and this report was also a fail but nvm
  7. dude he made that report during Season 1...during 8.0 i mean..we have 8.2 now and Season 2....
  8. and ur what? Comedian Police? biggest achieve u ever got i guess...respect kid
  9. "Do not open it 43 times" what About 42 times? :thinking:
  10. remove Decay ...
  11. xDDDDDDDDD mimimimimi best title ever my ass...if ques werent so fucked up..no ques in 3s..in 2s literally almost no ques too...and if yes then u have to do 50 games to get 50 Rating and im talking about some low rating 2.6k ....that was the right call to give titles in 2s cause nobody plays 3s use Brain please...the only mistake was to make such a call 1 week before season ends...but anybody who plays here more than 1year should know that firestorm does not handle things like this good...so cba what ever they gonna do..normally they should postone the season end but that wont ever happen here
  12. what is funny exactly? that u just assume there are no bugs because bugtracker is empty ? yes that is funny
  13. it would be even better to release Boss by Boss if u have it at least working as intented...uldir still is bugged wdym and wow is not raid only its dungeons pvp everything...and right now nothing even works close as intented...
  14. open wow as an admin make your binds and relog should work
  15. <--- stucked too dw u are not the only ones...i know alot more other People who stucked