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  1. Agreed. Since it's a 5x server the very least be a 2x with professions. A 3x would be the ideal imo. The problem with 1x professions is what the time you save with 5x XP you lose while grinding for extra mats you didn't get from the specific area/lvl range you would otherwise. So yeah, please make 2x at least.
  2. I use alot of addons. I like to make my own UI and everything. It's a ritual of sorts when I start on a new server. But you don't need to look so far for addons. I use Curseforge for almost all of em. You can select which game version you want and it's all there. I do this for other exps as well. Here's a list of what I use and what you might find useful. Bartender - For bars and binds. Highly customizable. STUF - For Unitframes/Healthbars/Castbars etc. Fully customizable. Prat - Chat addon. Fully customizable. TidyPlates - For Nameplates. Useful for raid as it can be configured for threat levels etc. Gnosis - For castbars, highly customizable. Tell Me When - Helps with awareness by making your own custom triggers for certain things/abilities/buffs/Dots etc. For example, if a Mage has Brain Freeze Buff I can clearly see it and Spellsteal it. Or how much my Ice Barrier can absorb. Fully customizable. OmniCC - Adds timers on your abilities and buffs/debuffs. Recount/Skada - DPS/Damage/Healing/Threat Meter and more. DBM - Deadly Boss Mods / BigWigs - Raid awareness, boss abilities incoming etc. Work for Dungeons as well. Battleground Targets - Self-explanatory. MogIt - For all ya Transmogrifing needs. Useful to make sets and find what goes with what and where it drops, or which quest. Altoholic - For people with a billion alts. Auctioneer - If you like selling and buying lots of stuff. Gatherer - For Herb/Mining. Remembers each node and gets node position data from others that use the addon. Ackis Recipe List - Displays all the info for all the recipes in the game JC, Tailoring, etc. (Each profession is a separate plug-in, so you'll have to download them as well.) Quest Completist - Helps to check if you've completed the quest or which ones you still have to complete. Not that useful in this server Not a small list, but you don't really need all of em. Or you might want to just disable when you don't need em. Hope it helps.
  3. I am trying to turn-in quests in Goldshire but I cannot. They are completed, the quest items aren't in the bank or anything and even made a new char. This seemed to have fixed the problem but upon relogging the problem has returned. Any ideas what to do or what might be causing it? I don't have any addons at this moment as I have just started.
  4. That is lovely, but the items are low level greenies, so I don't know if that's something devs will be interested in adding. Or is there hope for that?
  5. I recently bought my "usual" fire-mage mog getup but the problem is that few items are missing, which I thought it's no big deal, I can farm em easy since they are either crafted or quest rewards, most of em anyway. But much to my dismay some of the quests are either not working, or unobtainable for various reasons. What I want to ask is if it is possible to add every item on the shop so we can have full sets. Or what way is there to obtain them, be it reporting quests through bugtracker hoping it will be added or w/e it may be?
  6. Well, mystery solved. Relaunching WoW solved this. Had to do it every other level but yeah. They seem fully functional.
  7. Sorry if this is answered somewhere but nobody seemed to know so I am making this topic. Does this server has the improved versions of the WoD abilities each class used to get at L92 and above? I am L94 atm and didn't get any of them. Few people I asked didn't even know what these things were. Seemed completely oblivious to it.