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  1. so 7.3.5 will released in few weeks ? and i hope bugs in dungeons are all fixed .
  2. which time nighthold will be released ???? and why u dont fix many off bugs appear in dngs like mos agro mobs nl falling and portal eoa last boss dht mobs many many bugs can made ur day and dep ur key i hope they will fix it soon as possible
  3. lol dude maybe in your dream GM will help u like that in legion lol ..... relaxe anyway its just a game :')
  4. @Tigd this bug happen to our guilde in en mytic and the spider boss fall down GM cant help you i talk to gm and he said "try to use some abilities to fall down and loot the boss" so you must report it in bugtracker and wait until they will fix it and im already do it but no one answer me lol
  5. dude im playing since 7 month i just have 2 lego and 2 week a go server crash i lost 1 of them im just with 1 lego now and gm didint help me to recover it ^^ sad