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  1. Does anyone know if those prepaid visa gift cards, the ones you get at like target, walmart, etc work on the in game shop?
  2. So to anyone whos made a ticket and actually were told they could be helped with retrieving a lost legend because they had a ss of it, how long did it take for them to actually get it to you?
  3. So i was doing the achivment for the horde and did everyone except ironforge, however when i killed him it didnt give me credit for the achiv, after looking at the npc i see there was a npc missing, the guy to his right, has anyone actually done this achiv or its bugged? i see the npc is also there on greymane server and tbh i cant see how devs just forget to add a npc, unless they intentially did it to not let us get the achiv, which would be bull shit seeing how im pretty sure none of the horde faction leaders are bugged.
  4. yeah i pretty got told the same this just now which is bull shit because i didnt give my account info to other, what the fuck are they even for if they dont help with problems the way they treat players is complete bull shit, like i stg i made like 10 tickets so far and each and every one of them is the same shit, like hell, there aint possible to recover hacked gold with proof of a unknown ip address but my god they can give out free gold points during there little fucking meet and greet.
  5. I was just wondering if anyone has had their account hacked and lost all there gold, and if so what did the gms do about it if they did anything at all, im asking this because my account got hacked and ended up losing all my gold, i have proof that another ip address was trying to get online the same time as me ( i got d/c and kept trying to log in just to get instant d/c for like 5-10 min) and screen shotted the IP address log that shows it.
  6. Has anyone used this and had issues with it? and if so what were the issues.
  7. ah lmfao that makes sense guess they would do some shit to make people buy more FP
  8. and looking at it further why does it say 45 percent on top, then on bottom at terms of sale it says 25 percent?
  9. So im just trying to understand why in the world FS shop is charging damn near 50 percent commission to sell a character, am i the only one who finds that crazy and without any good reason?
  10. That is a good point tbh, i guess the important thing you have to remember is that your not in like real normal person logic here your in FS logic that will give you headache if you try to understand it :D. like why is the server even still up rn still chain crashing like a mofo? just shut it down for a bit.
  11. Well RIP you just got sucker punched by FS, Double loot next week? maybe?
  12. Damn mate that hurts. i would say your lucky to even make it to your class hall buuuuuuut, well do i really need to finish that?
  13. well, one time i lost a legend because my bag was full and it didnt mail it to me, soo i attempted to make a ticket and a GM told me that they dont recover items unless there from the in game shop so, basically sucks to sucks.