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  1. To get the class mount you have to do the Mage Tower challenge, the class questlines don't work
  2. There is a thread around here somewhere that explains that supposedly there are no digsites available in legion, but i have seen ppl digging around. That thread also shows how you can get crates of fragments, by trading in pandaria with motes of harmony to then trade in dalaran,
  3. Hey everyone, I'm trying to get the mount reins of invincible from the lich king raid , but after the cinematic arthas body disappears and there is nothing to loot. I thought the mount was account wide, since I have it in a different char, even with all the bugs in that raid at the time. And just sucks not being able to, is this happening to anyone and has anyone been able to counter this from happening?
  4. Its now working for me! See if its back for you guys too
  5. Same here, haven't played for a couple of days, now i tried logging in, gets stuck on connecting
  6. Guess I will just have to keep trying then. Affff thanks for all the help!^^
  7. Have you started the quests on the broken isles? There the quests work fine to reach to lvl 110. You can also queue for dungeons, professions also help raise your xp
  8. Just realised that the buffs from my itens (increase of haste and such) and the heal from spirit beast are not working during the challenge, is it supposed to happen?
  9. Thanks! Battling wise I doing correctly, just need to time the counters maybe. I dunno anymore I'm almost asking someone to do it for me cuz it makes me feel like such a bad player
  10. Hey everyone, my BM Hunter is with an ilvl of 918 and even tho its finally doing some good damage during the Mage Tower challenge, I still see that with 1 or 2 hits, I die. Any tips for conquering the Mage Tower? I really like the Hunter's class mount and it has been a pain getting it. I've changed a couple of specs, strategies, trying to focus 1 at the time but the damage they do its just absurd!
  11. Glad it worked itself out mate yeah, after its completed i think you get the champions of legionfall^^
  12. I had trouble completing the champions of the legionfall, had to abandon and accept the quest. lemme think here, what quests you have right now? (i'm not a gm or anything, just trying to see if i can help x) )
  13. Have you completed the previous requirements for the achievement? I think it's part of the Breaching the tomb achiev, you can see which one you're missing
  14. I only did bg once, and even tho i don't understand much of how it works, the alliance team seemed to try to get to the objectives, but lost by a close call.
  15. Its pretty simple, is it possible to have digsites besides Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms? I have 800 of archeology, but never had digsites besides those two continentss. I have found fragments of Highmountain and Highborne around the Broken Isles, so someone is being able to do it.