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  1. Its pretty simple, is it possible to have digsites besides Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms? I have 800 of archeology, but never had digsites besides those two continentss. I have found fragments of Highmountain and Highborne around the Broken Isles, so someone is being able to do it.
  2. I tried submiting a ticket in-game, but I keep getting the message "Error Updating GM ticket", I tried removing it and submiting again, same thing. The addon for GM tickets is enabled, but pretty much this is the message I send: "Hello I have 2 situations with my character: 1- Can't deliver the completed quest "Enter Nightmare" in Val'Sharah, since there is no NPC at the location. 2- Can't complete the quest "Signal Boost" in Stormhein, I can't interact with the object and somehow made me lose the object it showed with this questline. Is there anything I need to do to properly finish both? Thank you" For the first situation it was suggested to send an ingame ticket for help, so I'm unsure on what to do now
  3. No, still all the same =/
  4. I was able to finish with a night elf hunter months ago, but now I'm having that problem with my undead rogue too.
  5. I tried that and didn't work, even abandon the quest and got it again, nothing
  6. Hey, I started the "A beastly Expedition" questline, did all the stages for the scenario of "Stolen Thunder". In the final stage I used the teleportation pad to Ulduar, but cannot deliver the quest to Mimiron since the quest doesn't get the completed mark, like it shows in the pic. Tried reloging, abandoning the quest, clearing cache, disabling add-ons but no changes. Is it happening to any other Hunter with the BM mastery or is there any way to finish it?
  7. I had a suggestion from a previous post I did with the same issue, I don't have any add-ons, not transfered from another server. They suggested to delete all quests I had in queue, since it might be causing the conflict. It didn't work for me, but maybe for anyone else might? Really hope to see this fixed for anyone!