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  1. Will u answer this questions or we need to do questions that doesn't hurt you?
  2. Here every update takes forever. At least we know that their devs are happy playing retail with the donations money.
  3. With new people working on Firestorm means that web and game development are separated, so, game development has to be quicker, right? -Nop.
  4. With only 3 Broken Shore zones working (not working so good actually) and no new content for almost half a year, a ranking of mythic dungeons might be better than new content or fixes, right? (sarcasm)
  5. Broken shore will take some time (long) to be scripted, some more time (long) to be tested, some more time (long) to be fixed, WoW 8.0 will be out and we will be forgotten as the broken shore will be.
  6. Great! Another useless web function! Awesome!
  7. This update took a long time to be announced, still not applied but it's a start, perhaps a late start. Many people has left this server, even my in-game guild have left. Too bad.
  8. well, at least you will have mythic EN, finally!