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  1. I've been playing on this server for few months now, and I'm impressed how most of the concept works verry verry well.. one of the best things about this server is the community.. people are so friendly and always want to help. Overall it is a nice experience playing on this server. So, I would reccomended you to try it, if you want to play wow, but not pay for it... Greetings Kija
  2. Additional info: I'm playing on legion, my character is a blood elf monk. If that makes any changes...
  3. Hey everyone, I just hit lvl 81 on my character, and I got a bit confused on how to continue my leveling journey. One person told me to start questing in mount hyjal, but the area seems to be overpopulated with lvl 85 mobs, which I cant really fight even though I have 4 heirlooms items (all synchronised with my level). I would really appriciate it if you could share some tips/opinions for leveling in Cataclysm. Thank you in advance! Greetings, Kiril
  4. Thank you so much, it really helped <3
  5. Hey everyone, this is my first time playing the Legion expansion, so I've never played on the Broken Isles before.. And that's what confuses me the most. The first area i got into is Azsuna, I did like 3-4 quests, and now I am totally lost. I don't know where and how to continue my questing, I don't know if there's a story I should follow, I don't know what area is for what level etc.. So If you could help me - guide me, I would really really appreciate it.. Thank you! Greetings, Kiril
  6. Thank you so much Shalaya.
  7. Hey guys, is there a way to get a cloud serpent mount in-game? Because I've tried doing a quest in Pandaria, but it seemed to be bugged. Thank you. <3
  8. Hello guys, so I made a character on this pvp server, and in the spawn place, there is this vendor that sells gear. Is that gear the highest stats you can have for pvp, or is it just "starting" armor? And also, what are the other ways of getting armored on this realm, and high levels in general. Thank you!
  9. Hey everyone, is it just me, or noone can ride flying mounts in places like Stormwind, Orgrimmar etc? Is there a bug, or I am missing something? Because you start the character with the licence to ride flying mounts in such places... thank you! PS. talking about theh new pvp realm.
  10. Hey everyone, So I know about this new realm coming up in Legion soon, but is the other one down at the moment? I can't seem to log in.
  11. Thank you!
  12. Hello everyone, I am slightly new on this server, and so far I have had a wonderful experience playing on it (The community is amazing <3). So, I wanted to ask you guys something. Is PVP available on this server? My first character is lvl 61, and so far i haven't been matched with teammates for a battleground.. Not a single time.. Is it a bug at the moment or PVP is not working in general? Because I do get in queue, but I've never had the chance to play a PVP match. Thank you.
  13. Thank you so much Impureblood <3
  14. I don't understand how heirloom works.. For example I have a shaman, and if i buy some armor pieces for my shaman, I will then be able to use them on my warrior? Can someone pls explain?.. Thank you <3
  15. Hello everyone! I wanted to start fresh with a level 1 character, so can you give me any advice on where I can buy armor that could be used by lvl 1 character, so I could mail it to the new one? If possible I want to buy the armor in game.. thank you!