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  1. Thank you very much
  2. Hey everyone, is there an "easy" way of getting the recipe for Vial of the sands? Like maybe an npc selling it? (I've heard something similar to this that's why I'm asking ) greetings
  3. Hey guys, this is my first time doing the mage tower, and of course I've looked up some guides (for windwalker monk), but im still not sure what the best talents are for doing it.. if you have any advice/opinion, i would be thankful to read.
  4. Thank you Alan! <3
  5. Hey everyone! I just wanted to ask what achievements do I need to have, or what questlines do I need to finish, in order to do the quest for my class mount? (I'm playing a monk) Thank you in advance!
  6. Thank you so so much <3
  7. Hey everyone, since my ilvl is low (around 860), i got advised to start doing mythic + dungeons. So im here to ask, how do I get a keystone to enter the dungeon? Someone told me to do mythic dungeos and get the keystone for mythic + by killing the final boss, but i don't know how to pick mythic difficulty for a dungeon, since heroic and normal are the only ones i can pick in the random dungeon queue finder.. Thank you in advance Greetings, kija
  8. Oh thats disappointing.. thank you
  9. Hello everyone, I have a quick question: I'm a big fan of mounts, so lately i gathered the flying carpet from tailoring, and my question goes as following: Will I still be able to mount the flying carpet if i abandon tailoring, simply because I want to switch to engineering..? Thank you in advance!
  10. Although pvp on Sylvana's is only available when reached level 110... But of course it does work (battlegrounds, arenas...) and there are a lot of people doing PVP, so waiting in a queue does not take along at all! Welcome to the community <3
  11. Hello everyone, I just read the news on the official website about the new patch and how to update your current game, but I kinda got stuck doing so. Since I had the game downloaded from a torrent, I "used" Method #4 (downloading a .zip file and extracting it in the game folder). I did as following, this is a picture of how currently my folder looks like, and I wanted to ask a question. I got in game (using the Firestorm - 64 file), and once I got in game, once I logged in on my character, it said that some data is being downloaded. Is it possible for the same data (I think the files that are 6GB), to download in the background while I work something else on my pc, without having to have the game launched..? I desperately need your help, so thank you in advance! Greetings, Kija!
  12. But what about the fact that I have downloaded my game from the torrent.. I don't have the launcher
  13. And is there another way of getting those extra 6gb of data, without being logged in? Because the server as you said is very unstable, and I cant download my data, since I get kicked really often and my ms is insane...
  14. I don't launch the game via launcher xD.. I thought I would mess up something if the game is being downloaded while I am in game, so that's why I've been concerned. But since everyone else downloaded the patch while being in game, I guess I'll do the same.
  15. But what about the missing data? Once i launched it (Firestorm - 64), a small window popped up, and then the Legion cinematic started playing. Once that was finished, I got into game, and there was this yellow circle on the top of my screen, saying that additional data is being downloaded... I am still confused about the 6 GB of data they mentioned in "method #4"...
  16. Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask if the quest "Surprise attack" is working in the legion expansion, for obtaining the Onyx Cloud Serpent. Thank you in advance! Greetings, Kija <3
  17. Ah.. Good to know.. Thanks!
  18. Hello everyone, I wanted to do some solo raids, and i got the information that in Panadria, only 1 raid is working and that is Throne of Thunder. If so, can anyone help me get into it, since i wasn't able to enter the raid. Thank you in advance.. Greetings!
  19. I've been playing on this server for few months now, and I'm impressed how most of the concept works verry verry well.. one of the best things about this server is the community.. people are so friendly and always want to help. Overall it is a nice experience playing on this server. So, I would reccomended you to try it, if you want to play wow, but not pay for it... Greetings Kija
  20. Additional info: I'm playing on legion, my character is a blood elf monk. If that makes any changes...
  21. Hey everyone, I just hit lvl 81 on my character, and I got a bit confused on how to continue my leveling journey. One person told me to start questing in mount hyjal, but the area seems to be overpopulated with lvl 85 mobs, which I cant really fight even though I have 4 heirlooms items (all synchronised with my level). I would really appriciate it if you could share some tips/opinions for leveling in Cataclysm. Thank you in advance! Greetings, Kiril
  22. Thank you so much, it really helped <3
  23. Hey everyone, this is my first time playing the Legion expansion, so I've never played on the Broken Isles before.. And that's what confuses me the most. The first area i got into is Azsuna, I did like 3-4 quests, and now I am totally lost. I don't know where and how to continue my questing, I don't know if there's a story I should follow, I don't know what area is for what level etc.. So If you could help me - guide me, I would really really appreciate it.. Thank you! Greetings, Kiril
  24. Thank you so much Shalaya.
  25. Hey guys, is there a way to get a cloud serpent mount in-game? Because I've tried doing a quest in Pandaria, but it seemed to be bugged. Thank you. <3