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  1. Probably you get an aura (invisible) that causes you to get stuck like that. Try asking a GM to remove the aura and it should be fixed, if it's a buff/debuff then again ask a GM to remove it.
  2. This is getting out of control with the whole Pay to Win thing with this VIP. I see this as just small boost for players who supports the server. In the past i did see other Private Servers (not mentioning names) and they have other p2w, for example : getting end game gear is mostly the thing that says p2w, as for here, the endgame gear they sell, is mostly previous raid gear before the main one (WoD- Highmaul gear atm on BRF). As for the current benefits listed on the post: 1.Instant Flying teleportation :i do see some PS with instant flying , that is not really a big deal. Plus when 7.2 comes (Date:Unknown) it will be useless- not p2w 2. Command : .bank! instead to go back at your bank, use that command and put items there, if you are doing a profession - a bit p2w (20% useful) 3. Auto disconnects : You can just alt+f4 to do auto disconnect ,not a big deal - not p2w 4. Instant que in realm if the realm is full: might not be that useful since , atm the population is not nearing the cap of online members (in the past it happened) - not p2w 5. 30% boosts on: * Reputation - some quest that do not work, for those who work might be a little boost, as for killing npcs to increase that reputation -bit of p2w (20% useful) * Experience - if have more then 1 character, it will be good to boost it bit faster - bit of p2w (30% useful) * Artifact Power - atm the only way to increase your artifact power is with artifact knowledge, but that will take some time to get lvl+ ready and use, with he boost you will still get more ap but if you going off for a while,and login back up, and see others have higher artifact trait level then you, then it is just a small boost at end, - p2w (30% useful) * Honor - little useful , if you keep winning in bgs it will really get some honor at end, but when you lose, that won't really effect that much on getting honor.This will be mostly useful on the other server Firestorm is working with, to get a pvp Legion server up, as for here on this Legion PVE - not p2w (This is just an explanation for those that some services are p2w and some not p2w) In conclusion, I don't quite think that this is not a Pay to Win service , nearly half of them are useful. Not here to brag too much about the VIP service, just explaining on my side how i see this. If you still think this is p2w then go ahead tell me that I'm stupid, or just leave the server, There are couple of P2W servers with higher service then what you think (For example: Wotlk fun realms with transmog npc that will need to pay to use legendary weapons for transmog, or pay money to get a custom mount- a car as a mount, or etc...)
  3. Not sure for Wod, it is the same how they did with Legion, saw that there is World_en and World_es (sp) from what i know
  4. There were separate realms , but since with Legion released here, the population on those realms went down, and they decided to merge the realms into 1 , also check this post, for full info about this :
  5. While most of us are playing on Legion, there are still some guilds that do come back on WoD to do raids, and spotted a massive damage nerf. While was in raid, noticed on the dps meter that for all classes have a really big drop of dps damage. Saw that hunters (with 685 ilvl) from around 50/60k dps on 1 target, is now down to 25k, and nearly 50k on aoe fights. As for me (Fire mage) , on a test dummy, previously can reach till 35k, now , nearly 14k. Just want to know the answer to this. Not sure if it's that the WoD realm (not realms) is gonna get updated with HFC content or just a big Nerf.
  6. From what I know, that for now, you can access is trough the window, but outside (not inside). Did you tried the window one outside or inside?
  7. From the problem you have about not loading the game, probably of not full game download. There was the same problem couple of months ago (or a year ago). Think the fix from what i found, is to re download the game , from a torrent . After download the game, use the launcher and run it. That should probably fix the problem. As for the problem with no answer from staff, I quite don't know the correct answer, but i presume they were either offline , or probably at that time, there was a staff еexcess. Hope this will answer your questions
  8. Well..... This came out of nowhere...... Nintendo Switch (Previously named Nintendo NX) has been announced. So far, It looks really great that you can play in and out, don't want to spoil too much, see the video for yourself What do you guys think about it?
  9. Mage Fire/Frost
  10. Hi there First of all, Welcome , do hope you'll enjoy gaming here. As for the qeustions your bought up, here are the answers: 1. Mythic mode will come on Highmaul raid soon, the first 4 bosses are available to be tested on the live realms. As for BRF Mythic, that might come probably next year or something . Also for BRF, all bosses are released on Normal and Heroic (there are couple of bugs for heroic on Maidens, but they should be fixed soon). 2. Flying in Draenor is available on the Shop ( ) . For the moment in-game is not obtainable, since the quest line is not fully finished, plus for Tannan, it will take some time to be fuly working. For now, try get the royalty points in-game (new vote points. Check this post about the new points you get in game : 3. Ulduar is nearly fully wokring, jsut some bosses are bit bugged and Yog'Sarron is not working when i tested out, The raid should be fixed in the future. As for Legion, nearly half of the Developers (I think) are working on it, to make it playable when it goes live , after that, they will still work on the other Expansions, There are still other developers who are working on the other expansions, so don't worry about it
  11. You know that Tannan will be worked on after they finished (probably) HM Mythic more , since they did not released due to content skipping.
  12. Same problem i had on my mage, not sure what causing it. Anyway, just make a new one
  13. The video explains it all. Nice meme at end ;D
  14. I've been here since 2014, played from Pandashan on Taran'zhu. Then joined Ashran when it was released, and still playing here
  15. Was not expecting this...Goodbye Moeland. Thanks for your kind and dedicated work., I do hope you will return to us someday Good luck in your life Farewell Mkdxanadu (Lira)