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  1. How do i make a ticket ingame , it doesnt work , i dont have it as an option in the "help" menu
  2. Okay , so i was playing one day and went into a skirmish arena , when i won the skirmish arena , a legendary dropped called "Ararat's Bloodmirror" it was exactly what i needed for protection warrior . I became extremely hyped , and so i left the arena . When i left the arena i noticed that the legendary with all the other rewards such as artifact power was gone , i understood my items were , well how i see it now , intentionally deleted , not a bug , but intentionally deleted by you guys . Since i made like 5 posts , remade 10 tickets and asked Beastially or whatever his name is , personally for help . ON NEITHER OF THOSE I GOT A RESPONSE . So what else could a man think by that? i have been waiting patiently but now i cannot wait anymore , i want you to return what i got after farming for super long , thanks , i very much respect your server and hope it gets in the big lead , but this is unacceptable , thank you again , btw here's a post of all the proof (screenshots) that you guys want ^^ https://imgur.com/a/rS2SJHX
  3. I would really love to get that legendary back , thank you again firestorm :)))) , I WOULDN'T HONESTLY CARED IF U GAVE IT AS 910 OR 940 OR 970 , JUST GIVE IT BACK , THANKS
  4. My legendary got deleted :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) HERES A CRAPTON OF PROOF https://imgur.com/a/rS2SJHX GIVE ME BACK MY LEGGO PLEASE :)