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  1. some guys said i have a chance once per week ... is that true ? or i can kill it 30 times a day ? ... all the guys / girls i know got it in their first try .
  2. then it's fair ... thanks for the replies
  3. hello does anyone know how the things drop from mobs/bosses depending you are in a group or not ... i mean ... propabilities and these stuff.. for example .. if you try to kill a mob and it is killed from all in the group ... the items you get depend on the others as well or they are ONLY depended on you based on your own luck ? also .. does time play a crucial factor ? when we hit a mob /boss ? and last but not least .. do the propabilites increase or decrease based on what you had dropped the previous time you killed the mob / boss ? do they increase/decrease based on you are in a group or not ? ...any info you provide might be helpful , i am in try no 704 and still no mount
  4. any lecture for droping mounts and propabilites would be very helpful as well... like how the probabilty increases or drops depending on what ..
  5. Any tips for dropping the mount ? .. i have tried more than 680 times but it doesn't drop... any helpful tips ? you will save a life .
  6. give shalaya a coockie... truly pro
  7. if you go to shop....the silver coins you have represent the loyalty points you have gathered....
  8. and one more you can see its level is 1 (when you left click on it ...on the profile it appears. on top) ...although when i caught it was 21 the list shows
  9. my wild golden hatchling is considered a minion and not a that a bug ? because i tried to rename it ...and although the name change appeared in the cannot appear anywhere else . this also happened for another pet . anyone knows ?
  10. biding more than 200k and i feel quite adventurous hahhaha .... the only mount that interests me is the heavenly onyx ...and it is 1 drop out of so many's not worth it for me especially when i know i have a " good " luck all the time x'D
  11. so it may contain anything ....and it costs so much ... very weird.. so only for a chance to get a good mount people give 500k to the server much money lost x'D hahahh people are crazy ...and i am just a noob thank you for answering
  12. anyone knows what this may contain ? the current bid is 438k small amount...and it picked my interest .
  13. thank you very much for your answer !
  14. sorry for my poor english ;3
  15. hello .. how much time does it take for the money to arrive at your mailbox when someone has purchased a thing you put on the auction house ? i mean buyout ...not just bid an amount ... it can be calculated like this : time it takes for the money to arrive = (time money arrives at mailbox ) - (time someone purchased what you put in ah )