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  1. I was tracking a specific boss for days and i knew what time it was going to spawn ... but now i don't know because server restarted... My question is ...does anyone know when do the bosses spawn when the server restarts ? because the time changed and i cannot track it now...i have to wait a whole day again ..thank you for your time
  2. thank you for sharing this with me....that means that if i wait the same hour every day ( about an hour of wait ) for about a month i have a 100% chance of seeing it at least once
  3. hello ...i am looking for the solar spirehawk but it's not easy to track can anyone help me who knows about it ? ...what is the respawn time ? how often does it appear ? and where ? i have wasted more than 10 hours waiting for it to appear...even lost my sleep. others waste months's only a legend now ....does anyone know how we can obtain it ?