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  1. Hi. I go by the name of Volc/Volcore on the server. I've been playing on it since nearly the opening of the server. Before diving in, I just want to say I don't know if this is the appropriate section to put this in, therefore if it isn't, please move it to the appropriate section (I don't see a Greymane Realm section like the others have). Now I'm going to be brutally honest, and please understand its not to point out the problems or emphasize them, but to address and fix them for the bettering of the community/server as a whole. I also have past experience running servers/staffing them/making sure things run smoothly so I know things are able to be done/get better. 1. Gearing system The current gearing system is pretty horrible. You can obtain gear for the large part by BGs/Arenas. This server boasts that the highest ilvl offered is 895 (besides a legendary). However, the items you obtain in-game are usually 840-850, and rarely 855 if ever. No one is able to actually get 860 or even 870+ gear unless....wait for it...you donate! Yes you can pimp out your characters with better gear, but wait, theres more RNG in it for you, the dedicated customer who decided to pay real cash! I don't even know how to stress this point enough, there have been a lot of people who have quit the server b/c of how your gear system works. You reward people who donate (barely so, since you riddle it with RNG even more, but I'll get to that) and do absolutely nothing for the regular players (the MAJORITY) who do NOT donate at all, either b/c they don't want to or can't. What you're saying to everyone is basically: donate if you want to have the best gear, look the coolest, etc, tough luck if you have a problem with that. There is no legitimate method to gaining method equal to someone who has donated. I've played in over 70+ BGs, dont know how many arenas, and the highest ilvl I've gotten is an 855 upgrade. You guys are screwing over the people who find your server fun, but offer no real way to keep them playing. There is literally nothing keeping them here (bad gear system, donators favored over everyone, bugs, etc). Good few of my friends have quit b/c they didn't like the idea of a server pushing for donations rather than building a legitimate community where its equal for all, but faster for some if they choose to. 2. RNG (Random Number Generator) The RNG on the server is bad. To get better gear in-game, if you can even call it a decent upgrade (usually its another 840 piece, 845 blue piece), just PvP and win. Whether thats through arenas or BGs. I've already mentioned how the vast majority of the server are people who don't donate, however it seems everything leans to push towards donating. Now the RNG for regular players is horrible, flawed and needs fixing, but its pretty bad for people choosing to donate too. You riddle EVERYTHING with RNG (in terms of gear, AP, important things). The way to get an ilvl of 870+ and only way is to donate. Thats pretty messed up, and it just shows all the players even more how bad the system overall is. You tempt people to buy boxes even more by suggesting a chance at a legendary. Cool. I bought 56 boxes for 1 character (Volc). Not one box had a legendary. Thats extremely messed up. I know someone who opened over 100+ and has yet to get a legendary. It shows people the server is a cash cow. You want $$$ but don't care about the player satisfaction or if the server goes anywhere really. At least thats what it looks like to a lot of the daily people online. So it'd be great if you guys listened to feedback and actually did things that favored non-donating players. You need to tune the RNG down. There's other methods to gearing/getting items besides RNG. RNG pisses people off more than anything, and how it currently is, there is literally no incentive to keep playing b/c people realize their gear they are getting (840-850) isn't even worth it. 3. Bugs Duel bug - sometimes when you lose a duel, you die. WSG - I've seen people able to get out of the map and onto the top of the bases (like above the flag) When trying to look at artifact appearance as feral as Horde at the altar, the feral forms show up vertical and cutting into the ground/walls/altar. Creating a ticket for GM support - no visible popup comes up letting the player know that their ticket is waiting for a reply. There is no notification/not even sure the ticket system works. 4. Xmogs From what I know, most dungeons/raids are not scripted. That means the choices and fun of getting xmogs is very limited (there are vendors in Tanaris or in Outlands). The way to get xmogs looks like it comes from donating and thats not right either. If you aren't willing to script the dungeons/raids or make the xmogs accessible through bosses/quests/etc, then you should provide vendors selling xmog gear. Its a funserver, yet you take a lot of the fun out if it by prioritizing everything by the donation system, which is riddled with horrible RNG in terms of getting gear/legendaries. 5. Staff Presence I've been here for a bit, and I've seen some auto broadcast messages in Spanish by Rokam (I think thats his name?), but thats it. Today, a GM named Lasthaniel said hi so it was nice. Can't there be more staff attentiveness online? Any events taking place to keep players in their downtime, entertained? Its a funserver, the whole point is to jump straight to the end-game PVP scene, whether thats world pvp, arena, or BGs. Events would definitely make players look forward to something besides the usual queing for BGs/arenas/sitting in front of cities dueling. Feels like there is no one ever around, and when they are, its minimal. There's a lot that the staff themselves can do to spice things up on the server and make people feel like they care about how the server goes. I don't know if your whole idea is to stay in the shadows and not let anyone know that you're online or not, but if it is, its not working. It does more damage than good, cause players see that as a sign of not caring enough to engage with them/show attentiveness to the server. It also shows players that GMs/staff members aren't online a lot (or so they think) and they think they can get away with hacking/exploiting/abusing in BGs/arena, leading to more angry players who have to deal with these rule-breakers. There is probably a lot more, but off the top of my mind, this is what I came up with quick. Will edit if need be. Please move if in wrong section. Thanks for you time. Hopefully this gets read by the people who are in charge. Adios.
  2. If you're going to make artifact appearances a shop-only method of achieving them, then at least put all of the appearances. Like why are fdruids missing all of their Primal Stalker appearances? Please add the items/achievement into the site-shop so I can get it, thanks.