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  1. Hello @Nicolasuras96, I'm pretty sure it's not since I've done it myself some time ago. Try to abandon the quest and do it again. If that doesn't work please make sure you report any kind of bugs on the bugtracker Have a nice day!
  2. Hello @Perfectplayer, Try these: Run wow/launcher as administrator Update or temporarily uninstall any security programs Update your drivers and operating system Run the "Analyze and repair" mode that firestorm launcher has. if the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the game Hope that fixed your problem. IF not please reply here. Have a nice day!
  3. Good job @Sam,appreciate it!
  4. @Nymble I think you already made the same post x)
  5. @m0fazza You could also download data for legion from another source and then start wow from firestorm launcher, at first it would need like 2-5 minutes to download required folders like WTF, interface etc. but after it's done you could move the data you downloaded earlier and place it on the wow directory for firestorm