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  1. let us transfer from greymane to sylvanas before copy to bfa
  2. bump
  3. +1 for some reason they were on the shop for a few minutes but then they removed them they are available on the wod server though
  4. Make this in suggestion with a link to the item
  5. +
  6. I’ve gotten many sylvanas loot box drops from the guru chest no screenshot though but everyone on greymane knows this but it doesn’t always drop when u open it
  7. if they worked that would be nice in world pvp
  8. so i bought i few boxes it says 925 + on site 925 between 970 so when i open them ingame it gives me 910 items... like what in the actual fuck???
  9. yeah argus npc gives 910+ and lootboxes are just 2 low right now i have like 3000 points just sitting there for new lootboxes lol
  10. So i was playing arena earlier i got a legendary drop Archimonde's Hatred Reborn yes my loot spec was set to tank. My bags were full and i did not receive it through mail. And it the item disapeared before i could take a screenshot i know this looks sketchy but cant gms look through logs? And normally the item would be automatically send to mail so wouldn't have this problem, can anyone help?
  11. will argus be available on greymane atleast the continent?
  12. when can i prestige to prestive 14 everyone stuck at 13