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  1. yeah argus npc gives 910+ and lootboxes are just 2 low right now i have like 3000 points just sitting there for new lootboxes lol
  2. will argus be available on greymane atleast the continent?
  3. when can i prestige to prestive 14 everyone stuck at 13
  4. Greymane legendaries don't work outside of arenas. what is the point of getting legendaries if u can't even use them in world pvp like it takes so long to get one and then they just dont work? rofl... took me 2 months to get my first legendary
  5. ye cant connect well see yall tommorow
  6. I feel sorry for those who grinded to 2.8k in 2s waiting 10mins for 2 rating
  7. So 3 days ago i bought 32 lootboxes and obviously im bound to have bad luck to get 4 tabards in 4 of the lootboxes. So i make a shop ticket and they respond and tell me they send me four lootboxes so i login and notice there is only 1 lootbox in my inventory. So i make another ticket and its been there for 3 days with no response, nice costumer service firestorm now i know to never waste IRL money on you again. Kind regards,Bob.
  9. remember there is a decay so u have to keep playing to stay at 1800 rating
  10. but keeping it at 1800 will mean more 3v3 and less time in que since barely anybody plays 3v3
  11. yeah ur right
  12. I LOVE IT.
  13. 910 ilvl 50 traits
  14. i do less damage on all classes*