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  1. bump
  2. +1 for some reason they were on the shop for a few minutes but then they removed them they are available on the wod server though
  3. +
  4. I’ve gotten many sylvanas loot box drops from the guru chest no screenshot though but everyone on greymane knows this but it doesn’t always drop when u open it
  5. if they worked that would be nice in world pvp
  6. so i bought i few boxes it says 925 + on site 925 between 970 so when i open them ingame it gives me 910 items... like what in the actual fuck???
  7. yeah argus npc gives 910+ and lootboxes are just 2 low right now i have like 3000 points just sitting there for new lootboxes lol
  8. will argus be available on greymane atleast the continent?
  9. when can i prestige to prestive 14 everyone stuck at 13
  10. im at prestige 13 honor level 50 and i can't rank up anymore for some reason welcome to firestorm.
  11. Greymane legendaries don't work outside of arenas. what is the point of getting legendaries if u can't even use them in world pvp like it takes so long to get one and then they just dont work? rofl... took me 2 months to get my first legendary
  12. ye cant connect well see yall tommorow