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  1. Great! Would love to see a arena spectator or replay feature this could also help improvement on catching people wintrading and so forth. A person thinks twice about doing something illegal if they are being watched.
  2. unstuck your character on website go to my account> unstuck character > choose realm
  3. Title: Toy Fire Eater's Vial Type: Shop Description:  Hello since we cannot get this ingame when the event was up i would like to be able to purchase it in shop this toy is used alot and i think many players would buy it.
  4. its already there under fun items if i recall correctly
  5. let us transfer from greymane to sylvanas before copy to bfa
  6. +1 for some reason they were on the shop for a few minutes but then they removed them they are available on the wod server though
  7. Make this in suggestion with a link to the item
  8. +
  9. I’ve gotten many sylvanas loot box drops from the guru chest no screenshot though but everyone on greymane knows this but it doesn’t always drop when u open it
  10. if they worked that would be nice in world pvp
  11. so i bought i few boxes it says 925 + on site 925 between 970 so when i open them ingame it gives me 910 items... like what in the actual fuck???