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  1. will argus be available on greymane atleast the continent?
  2. when can i prestige to prestive 14 everyone stuck at 13
  3. ye cant connect well see yall tommorow
  4. I feel sorry for those who grinded to 2.8k in 2s waiting 10mins for 2 rating
  5. remember there is a decay so u have to keep playing to stay at 1800 rating
  6. but keeping it at 1800 will mean more 3v3 and less time in que since barely anybody plays 3v3
  7. yeah ur right
  8. I LOVE IT.
  9. why in the legion gladiator vendor the elite appearance set is not current season aren't we in season 3 not 1-2?
  10. wtb arena spectator for greymane
  11. the legion gladiator vendor are in their normal area but u guys said starting area so i thought starting area for greymane the starter hub my bad.
  12. Legion elite gladiator vendors are not there for both horde and alliance. Enchants and glyphs are not reduced. Tabards are not for sale for any price and you cant buy them but they are in the gear vendor. New mounts are there and price.
  13. 1+ for LIVE CHANGELOG
  14. yeah spectator npc would be nice on greymane
  15. Title: Spectator NPC Greymane Type: In-game Description:  Hello guys my name is bob and i would like to bring up spectator NPC for 1v1 2v2 and 3v3 and BG /RBG ive played various pvp servers before and they all have spectator npc so you can watch other players play this can help too in reporting players who are bug abusing.