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  1. Such questions should be in General discussions, but No you can't transfer to older expansions
  2. guil

    I agree to teke1338 Your guild seems so be lost.# like everything else in past 24h before the server crashed.
  3. Ignore? we cant ignore Everything, we must do something against toxic people, i mean would you just ignore if someone is harsh to a guy on the street? or to your friend?
  4. In my Opinion this server isnt, as example i saw someone spraying around "que 2v2 sucker, you cant beat us noob" and a Game master told me to ignore that, Dumb.
  5. Title: a hole in our rules. Type: In-game Description:  Since i realized that being rude or toxic isnt punished on this server i wanted to suggest that, Because the Argumentation That we could /ignore them is pretty low, i mean if there are people, example Pvp, spaming around with "prepare to die" or "die noob", i dont think it's going to help if you tell everyone to ignore him, i mean, why is that not punished? i mean a "you suck noob" is even worse as any sexism stuff, Other Games/Servers Got those rules either, I mean the player wont stop being toxic if they never get punished for it, if i was able to rob a bank without getting a Punishment, i would do it also, we need rules to play together, in a friendly way, dont you think so? Suggestion: a rule against Humble and rude Things.
  6. Write this Suggestion in the Suggestion Forum Please, so the staff could take a look on it.
  7. i think it comming Soon, be Patient. Guess it depends on How much Content is Fixed/working, so it makes sense to upgrade them if new items/content is Fixed.
  8. You should create an Ingame ticket and talk you a Game Master about the situation, I think a Game Master wont read this forum, so try to contact them please.
  9. Devs are trying their best, its inpossible to fix everything in one or two months, you need to be patient untill those stuff is fixed, all you can do is, to report those bugs there :
  10. @faplord its Very easy actually. Wtf folder > open with editor > look for > set locale "frFR" and change it to > Set locale "enGB" Easy stuff
  11. Did you Write a Subject? and Could you show us a screenshot?
  12. Great
  13. ive Honestly no idea, You should go to your Artefact Hall, To check Out all quests there, one of them should be the quest for the Relict, i dont Play legion, Sorry that i am not able to help you more.
  14. You Already took a look in your Spam Folder?
  15. Check If Your Realmlist is Fine, Wow Folder > WTF Folder > Realmlist, Open it with an Editor and look If "SET realmlist """ is Written there.