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  1. Here we come! Go FS <3
  2. Gm check this thread, either remove it or give me the power to do so. I dont mind. Keeping it this way might push players away from the server. It is very outdated.
  3. Disagree . Since Firestorm is offering world of warcraft as a freemium service, all PETS, Mounts, Mogs. Should be only obtainable via FS Gold Coins.
  4. @Bestial ty so much for the post, please show us the rest of the hotfixes <3
  5. A lot of these dungeons and raids got fixed, this thread needs to be updated or removed because it can drive new players away from joining the server.
  6. Does firestorm accept donations from PayPal?
  7. Are we going to get any information about Update #37 ?
  8. We need subsections for the rest of the classes here, I can only see Demon hunter section.
  9. cus i just logged, didnt know that the server was unstable
  10. same here........ I didn't know what was going on :((((((((
  11. @Alan @Friend @Cigatronix Can someone tell us what is going on?
  12. Was about to start a thread, luckily found yours. Derp. WHAT IS GOING ON..... I mean, at least show me some patch notes to get hyped
  13. Hello everyone, did anyone else notice that our pets are taking a tremendos amount of damage from aoe spells/abilities? I believe that the devs forgot to flag the spells to not go through avoidance...... avoidance should take 90% of the damage of the aoe spell and on top of that, you have Versatility which reduces the damage taken even further..... Developers, please take a look into this issue... Guys, please bump this thread >.<