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  1. Greetings @Fanaes Only a special amount of gold is being transfered: Kind regards, Sapoto
  2. Because you could easily farm or buy those on Greymane to use them on Sylvanas, which isn't fair.
  3. Greetings, He has been reported for a few Exploits that's true, but you should read the rules, and since he got banned twice I think? for minior things there is no reason to perma ban him, there are people which got more reported and more punished, but as written in the rules it's 1 to Permanent : General exploiting: The malicious use of bugs in a way that normal game-play would not permit, generally giving the user an unnatural advantage. Punishment: 1 day account suspension to permanent account suspension. in this case his second ban were longer already, if he gets reported again it will be even longer, and also it's the banning Gamemasters decision how long he will be banned. As mentioned upper, his "ban list" or rules he broke are not enough for a perma ban, if this guy is really that bad as you think then you should report him with Vaild proofs, Aslong that's not the case, he won't get perma banned or any special punishment, those are the rules and you should read and know them. Kind regards, Sapoto
  4. Greetings @Catastrophie If you mean from Greymane to Sylvanas, No it's not transfered.
  5. Greetings This Topic has been closed because of Behavior which clearly broke our rules. I don't see a point in this discussion since you are all just insulting and disrespecting eachother. Kind regards, GM Sapoto
  6. Greetings @Evilasf Your ban appeal is already handled. Kind regards Sapoto
  7. Greetings @Dinamida Since you got a proof, you should create an ingame ticket with your issue and the proof, someone could help you then. Kind regards GM Sapoto
  8. Greetings @Madtrucker Please be patient untill someone answers on your ticket, you'll get your pet then. Because as you said, we need a higher ranked Gamemaster to add you the pet. Kind regards GM Sapoto
  9. Hey @Gaara0blood Normally a Gamemaster could give you the missing achievements if you got the requirements.(And proofs for it!) Kind regards
  10. Greetings @EliteGold That's because of the new traits, and the new systeme, and also your artifact power gain rate is inscreased, so it's easy to get those. So basically it's just blizzlike because there were traits which are now replaced or changed. Kind regards GM Sapoto
  11. Greetings @dundja The season on Greymane just ended, the new season will start soon! Be patient! Kind regards GM Sapoto
  12. Greetings @Gaara0blood Please create an ingame ticket, someone could help you there. Kind regards GM Sapoto
  13. Greetings @lucuruf Make sure you downloaded the most updated version of "Firestorm" and "GMTickets", those are addons. Kind regards GM Sapoto
  14. Greetings @DeNance As fair I know, Stormheim quests are currently not working. Kind regards GM Sapoto
  15. Greetings @EquilibriumZ Since our draenor Quests are bugged, i recommend you to use a portal to draenor, next to the Cataclysm Portals, it's a small black portal copy, If you did so there should be a npc called "Garrison fort" Talk to him and you will get your garrison. To be honest Guldan doesnt have much player, but PvP still works, because there are a lot Loyal Guldan player which are pretty much alwayes online, So yes, it's still worth, and if you dont think like that, you can alwayes copy your character to our Legion realms, for free!(the first time atleast) Regards Gamemaster Sapoto.