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  1. It would be awesome if I could edit the topic as a whole...but oh well.
  2. Title: Suggestion-A bypass for other cllases regarding non-targetable mobs Type: Website Description:  Hello,I recently joined this server and i would propose the following: On a server i played before there were also non-target-able enemy npcs(you can click on them but attacking(unless you are a death knight) them is immposible).They have managed to bypass this issue by making this item(scraps of rotten meat)(quest- serve as a trigger for all enemy nontargetable npcs(when thrown at them-the same thing could be done tp friendly npcs...but who does that ).Anyhow,In my view this would greatly improve upon gameplay and not leave some zones unfinished(ran into quite a few quests in which I encountered the said issue).In basic principle give other classes a fighting chance.Thank you for your time in reading my drivel.