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  1. Title: PAYMENT WEBSITE BUG! Type: Shop Description:  Hello i have problem with payment on your website, i bought 1600FP and paid 83€ it's okay, but my money were sent, but my fp doesn't add on my account! And today i deal with one person on server what i will buy character from him for 1800 fp. And i still dont have charge my account, please can u solved this problem today, i need these fp until 20:30PM. Please, thanks for help. Here is my screenshot of payment, and i bought FP throught mobile! PAYMENT:
  2. hello i want to ask, when i buy shadowmourne axe from ur website on my fury warrior can i have transmog both my weapon like shadowmourne? Thanks a lot cuz ppl said its bugged so idk i dont want waste with money thanks
  3. Title: CRITICAL STRIKE Type: In-game Description:  Hello, can someone FIX CRITICAL STRIKE FOR FIRE MAGE? i have 893ilvl and 32% crit chance so someone tell me whats wrong when my friend like 863ilvl have 30% crit chance. Thanks a lot like fire mage need crit for scronch and other spells, please fix this, i have gear from NH and dont add CRITICAL CHANCE thanks a lot