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  1. firestorm don't give fuck my problem lol.. Thanks I fixed it alone! ^^
  2. I bought new notebook yesterday, and when I play luncher after 20sec error.. I hope they help me.
  3. Title: run game Type: Launcher Description:  hello I today downloaded launcher and I wanted play but I cant cause I have any error like this. Thanks you for help me.
  4. Title: BUG TRAITS Type: In-game Description:  Hello, can me anyone fix my traits i had before easter event 54 traits, now i have just 52 traits. Anyone who can fix it? look if u calculate numbers on spell u can get 57 trats and i have only 52, thanks a lot for help
  5. hello i want to ask, when i buy shadowmourne axe from ur website on my fury warrior can i have transmog both my weapon like shadowmourne? Thanks a lot cuz ppl said its bugged so idk i dont want waste with money thanks