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  1. if they want to leave that's fine can replace. It's the ones that join the q and keep declining over and over that need to be stopped/punished
  2. Title: Looking for Raid trolls Type: In-game Description:  A debuff applied to players that don't accept LFR or dungeon queues similar to pvp debuff to deter people joining then not accepting queue pop please
  3. Re Hash of all egg locations new ones at the bottom Broken Isles North of new Dalaran, at battle pet arena Black Market in new Dalaran (Under Water) Suramar - Meredil, mage tp point Azsuna - Above Illidari Stand fathom commander zarrins building Val'Sharah - Grove of Cenarius Eastern Kingdom Goldshire - In a bush near the inn Cathedral in Stormwind Duskwood - Twilight Grove West of Elwynn, Thunderfalls. In a house Stranglethorn Vale - Gurubashi Arena Eastern Plaguelands - Eastwall Tower Kalimdor Durotar, near the entrance of orgrimmar on the right. Valley of Honor, in the waterfall Darnassus - Cenarion Enclave The Dranosh'ar Blockade, Durotar east of the front gate of Ogrimmar The Sluge Fen, Northern Barrens inside a tower Ashenvale, Forest song Azshara, Temple Of Zin-Malor tanaris northwest from gadgetzan in a cave (cave of big scorpid for a quest) Northrend Old Dalaran - Entrance Icecrown - Argent Tournament Sholazar Basin - Nessingwary Base Camp Outlands Hellfire peninsula, right after the portal Shattrath, Near Master Alchemist Pandaria Pandaria, Krasarang Wilds the little lake, above ruins of Dojan Pandaria, Veiled Stairs, Tavern of the Mists Townlong Steppes, north from Dusklight Hollow inside the big tree. Draenor Moonflower valley, Shadowmoon valley Draenor - Frostfire near horde garrison entrance The Sacred Grove in the Dreanei starting zone, behind the stone Tol Barad, center, inside a web. Hyjal Nordrassil NW of lake on map in guard tower Deepholm, Temple of Earth, Ally side in the maelstrom addon guide for handynotes egg locations:
  4. Hyjal Nordrassil NW of lake on the map in guard tower
  5. @everyone Hello we just had notice Rare Eggs are still appearing across our realms Sylvanas and Greymane... Guess the hunt isn't over yet! Have fun Happy hunting
  6. Timeless isle- middle of the lake behind the court
  7. Northrend- top of ICC
  8. Before location list please for the love of god make a /target easter egg macro also make sure you have target ticked under tracking SW- Right side trade district bank near the tree Bellow the T in dwarven districT when you open your map on the keep wall across the water behind the cataclysm portals in the harbour Elwyyn- Goldshire INN at the top far right room tent just outside SW Northshire - in the water feature where elwyyn and northshire meet Duskwood - inside Darkshire INN on the bar Twilight grove where world boss used to spawn behind the green portal Darnasus - side closest to flight master outside bank Azashara - Gallywix pleasure palace Ironforge- in kings room is a hallway go down in it come to cross section go left then up over the bridge end of hallway that leads up to AH near the M in the Mystic ward when you open map Tanaris- near ally FP Durotar- Orc spawn point on top of mailbox Legion Dalaran- in middle then room to the right (if you can't see it relog) Old Dalaran- just outside when you port there behind some presents Orgrimmar- inside AH valley of strength valley of wisdom near north water section front entrance behind tower Vale of Eternal Blossoms- siege of Orgrimmar entrance If you know any other egg locations please post them =) HAPPY HUNTING