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  1. Hello another topic about discord unban im very sorry for this but one moderator say i must talk to Otacon on discord but when i send him few messages he stop talk with me and i dont know now what can i do.
  2. Thank you master and im very sorry
  3. Can anyone give me number and nickname on discord for any moderator cuz i want to try get unban plizz i rlly want back to F discord
  4. I get ban for toxic nice cuz i want to get in 8.2 ptr seems nice can i get unban please?
  5. Greatings Worgen master. You speak about future... but we waiting and waiting how long we must wait for 8.1.5? Have a nice day master.
  6. I guess we must wait 10k years for Zandalari and Kul tiras.
  7. Ehhh and i must wait another months for playable Zandalari.....
  8. Hello i have 1 queastion. At March 12 on global start patch 8.1.5 with nwe allied races so after March 12 how long we must wait for this patch on firestorm??
  9. Why not?
  10. Do you plan to create a private server Battle For Azeroth in the future?