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  1. Are the Island Expeditions implemented? Or at least in development?
  2. ...:\Firestorm Legion 7.3.5\World of Warcraft\Screenshots
  3. community

    Danke! Selbe geht an dich!
  4. Some cunts spamed today items near boris which causes huge fps drops... my graphichardware wanted to block firestorm cuz of that.. damn
  5. Firestorm wont be the first BfA privat server.
  6. Uhm? thanks for the reply from july? doesnt matter anyways, we cant even get the rewards.
  7. Title: GM Event - Mount Off Type: In-game Description:  For all of those who watch Asmongold's videos/streams knows the legendary Mount Off Event. I would like to see who got the best mounts on Firestorm. For those who don't know how this works check this video out:
  8. Musste überspringen, ist leider verbuggt.
  9. So my Friend clicked on her email but i havn't got the buff ingame or the teleport option with an email which ends with mail.ru. hmpf..
  10. Teleport You will receive a bonus ability that can be used to teleport your character to your recruit. Seems like i havn't received the extra teleport.
  11. Hab leider WotLK nicht mehr auf der platte.. gabs da schon den WTF ordner mit der datei wo die settings drin sind? Falls ja: SET textLocale "deDE" SET audioLocale "deDE"
  12. Werd' paar dinge aufjedenfall abchecken die eventuell mit 7.3.5 gefixt wurden.
  13. System->Advanced->remove the mark "use new player models"
  14. No you cant, This might be a Database Issue, Probably one of the developers made a mistake with italian and portugues, try to run the game in italian, maybe they're then in portugues
  15. The beauty of Aszuna