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  1. Musste überspringen, ist leider verbuggt.
  2. So my Friend clicked on her email but i havn't got the buff ingame or the teleport option with an email which ends with mail.ru. hmpf..
  3. Teleport You will receive a bonus ability that can be used to teleport your character to your recruit. Seems like i havn't received the extra teleport.
  4. Hab leider WotLK nicht mehr auf der platte.. gabs da schon den WTF ordner mit der datei wo die settings drin sind? Falls ja: SET textLocale "deDE" SET audioLocale "deDE"
  5. Werd' paar dinge aufjedenfall abchecken die eventuell mit 7.3.5 gefixt wurden.
  6. System->Advanced->remove the mark "use new player models"
  7. No you cant, This might be a Database Issue, Probably one of the developers made a mistake with italian and portugues, try to run the game in italian, maybe they're then in portugues
  8. The beauty of Aszuna
  9. There will be a size increase soon.
  10. You're to lazy to use always wowhead.com to find out a ID of a NPC? no problem, here is a macro that shows you the ID of all NPCs. How to use it? Just target the NPC and use the Macro and you will get the NPC ID in the Chat. /run local guid, name = UnitGUID("target"), UnitName("target"); print(name .. "'s NPC id is " .. tonumber(guid:sub(6,10), 16))
  11. Hi, the old forums are now offline, what will happend with the patches by users in pandashan and ashran forum? My suggestion is to add them here.
  12. You can use your Fly Mounts. You might be in combat. But why this happend? It's because 1st april.
  13. Germany here
  14. Maybe the Achievement got fixed this year, I have the same issue with Algalon on MoP, i killed him 2014 and someone have the realm first in 2015.
  15. Maybe the 1st char will be free, like it was on WoD.
  16. Roth UI + Sexy Map. But now im using only Mistra's Diablo Orbs. And yes, the chat script is only working on MoP, You can use the addon IDTip for WoD, it shows the IDs from NPCs, Quests, Spells, Achievements, ect.
  17. As additional advantage, if you do an arena match during the weekend, you will receive this additional mount: http://www.wowhead.com/item=128425/
  18. Its more like:
  19. Why there should be Mounts...? Its probably just a crash and it have a problem to come back online.
  20. Which Shields? wowhead links.
  21. Hi, development of the Legendary Quest line for MoP will start after SoO is finished. (maybe)
  22. There is an Addon which is called "Mogit" there can you see all mogable items.