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  1. Hi all. I'm new here and i already have a 93 char in Gul'dan. I came to Firestorm to have fun doing PVP. It's a drag to have to quest all over again considering that my objective is pvp, but regarless that i'm currrently stuck on the first quest in Draenor world after The Dark Portal quest, so i can't level up my char. What do i do? I want to get 100 and start to do some pvp. I registered in pvp Draenor server because i was afraid Blizz shut down the Legion one. If not i would have came to that last expasion. Another thing that it worries me is that in this moment there is only 96 players on line on Gul'dan, so worth it to keep on trying to get leveling? Greetings from Europe.