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  1. No loot from Mythic dungeon bosses , only gold ? hello ??
  2. Hey Devs I am doing alot of Dungeons, not all bosses drops gear , and sometimes the whole dungeon doesnt drop Gear . please can you guys fix this somehow ?
  3. sad , now i dont want to play beta anymore
  4. HIII guys , i just want to ask.... when you make a new caracter on BFA open beta,.... and you lvl it to 120... when beta is over... will you loose your caracter ??? will it be back to lvl 1 ?????????
  5. agreed , we must we see if we have a key ??? because i applied for the key siince you guys told us about the BFA.... and after a week , still no key...... how > ?
  6. the time is up , and nothing , :((( plz send me a key , will be happy then , really want to play BFA