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  1. As I said dude, I did this shit on Retail. I don't want to do it again, it's a private server, I don't care that much. Not having flying literally makes me not want to play on this server, you're at a huge disadvantage with literally every aspect of content in Legion. I just want to buy it, I ain't grinding it out again that's for sure.
  2. Title: Broken Isles Flying Type: Shop Description:  After grinding out flying on retail, I don't want to do this again, it was literally the worst experience of all time on live, probably not much better here. I don't know when you guys released Draenor Flying to the store, i'm guessing at the end of the expansion, but I really think we should be able to buy Legion Flying. Some might see it as "Pay 2 Win" but it's way more like "Pay 2 Convenience", two completely different things. You can earn flying by in-game means, it just takes time and dedication, therefore buying it just means you get it faster without the time or dedication, meaning it's not pay 2 win, since you can't ONLY acquire flying by paying. Prob get declined until end of xpack, but by then most people will have it anyway. Thanks for considering. [achievement=11190] [achievement=11446]
  3. I fixed mine by downloading WoW via the BNet Launcher, you could also completely redownload the game from Torrent, but for some reason the torrent download speed is extremely slow for this specific server. If you go the Battle.Net route, reinstall/move the launcher into the retail WoW folder and set everything up in there. Launch the game with Firestorm.exe, not from Launcher. It's a matter of corrupted files apparently, so you'll have to redownload the game anyways, I believe.
  4. Oh interesting, didn't know.
  5. Completely agreed Juanson. I definitely think we, as players, should be able to transmog what we want, how we want. As you said, cheaters are going to cheat no matter what, the use of cheat engine being allowed for transmog purposes isn't going to randomly cause a 500% increase in cheaters, if they want to cheat they'd already be doing it. Even if some do start cheating, it's extremely easy to report them and get them banned.
  6. Another one, Magic Rooster Egg - 49290. It's TCG but so is Spectral Tiger, which is in the shop.
  7. Are you retarded? People aren't playing on an instant 110 PvP server to farm transmog and mounts, people are playing to PvP. Obviously elite glad transmogs shouldn't be sold for free, but random pieces of plate/leather/cloth armor should be. Please don't type when your IQ is actually less than 80.
  8. I'm about to go ham on loot boxes if they get updated
  9. The only problem with using guides from Retail is just what you said, there are bugs. Especially cause Firestorm is on 7.1.5 and not 7.3, there have been buffs/nerfs and talent changes/buffs/nerfs. And yeah, some abilities might just not even work like they do on retail, or do less/more damage. I guess we can just wait till 7.3 comes out on Firestorm.. but idk, it'd still be nice to have server specific guides.