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  1. The titanic upgrade still doesn't come up, only the titans one for ilvl 940 upgrade.
  2. THEY literally said it doesnt work for allied. Read my love
  3. Look at it this way, if you had 30 eggs, even the luckiest person would get 3k LP. Make that a mark. anyone who went above 3k has their items taken away.
  4. Yes, If they have a problem ( as mentioned above) with knowing who did and didn't go over the mark then go an set a mark. Anyone above 3k on the 1st of April should have the items retracted.
  5. I think they should if only if they did so beyond acceptable amount. For people who did less than 3k for example, shouldn't be punished the same way as people who spend hours abusing the event. Since the reset of the points, Firestorm has actually taken LP points of me that I had before the event.