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  1. My name is Saidia, also have Eralain and Ashennx
  2. Hello. I am currently looking for an english speaking guild that won't mind taking a new-ish player and helping them learn the game and progress. I learn games fairly quickly but would very much appreciate any help and fellow players to have a good time with!
  3. I figured it out, sort of haha. Downloaded mist of pandaria and immediately found other players. Thanks for the response!
  4. Hi, I was just curious if there was some way to change realms. I enjoy playing with other people, as it helps me learn the game faster, but not entirely sure how I do it. I push the change realms button on the character login page but it only shows one realm, which is Icecrown. So I was just a little curious if you are able to switch. Thank you for the help!