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  1. Title: XP Rates BFA Type: In-game Description:  Hello, on the questions and answers session for bfa, you answer this: "108- iMorys#7558: [BFA] Can we expect XP boost from 60-85? This level range seems to be broken due to scaling (Blizzard increased the experience in 8.1 by 33%) - Does the loot overall on BFA content will be boosted or it stay as it is on retail? There won't be a specific experience boost between level 60-85, but like we did on previous realm an overall higher experience boost on older contents than on BFA content. Drop rates on BFA will be the same as in retail." Seems like the rates for older contents and BFA are the same, why is this? Is really hard to lvl from 60-80, Blizzard patch that too because was not okay at all. Here are the changes that Blizzard did on 8.1 Hope will have an x5 rate for older content like on legion at the beginning, thanks!