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  1. Yes
  2. Just wait a little they are fixing few spells.
  3. just when you see playble, exit it and go to it's folder and extract the patch files that's all and click Wowptr64
  4. hey everyone I hope I can help you fix your problem when u try to get on 7.3.5 ptr, First of all you wanna download Windows https://nofile.io/f/BWm1MJJ9Nr2/firestorm_735_ptr_patch.zip Or Mac https://nofile.io/f/P9uuTfwB5Bc/firestorm_735_ptr_patch_mac.rar After that Download World of Warcraft : https://eu.battle.net/account/download/ Make a folder called PTR 7.3.5 When you finish installing battle.net, and you see the playable bottom you want to exit battle.net, Now go to battle.net folder which you can find it in program files x86 depend where you saved it, Extract the files you downloaded from the first links I showen, Open wow,ptr64 and that's all. Last step : enjoy
  5. yes, my bad
  6. LOL its happened to me too... just download all again no problem gonna take a while
  7. when i extract 7.3.5 to my wow folder i cant do anything it says your wow has been damaged, and i cant play in greymane or sylvanas