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  1. Hello, I am sort of new to firestorm. Playing off and on, but lately I have been wanting to play on firestorm. I noticed leveling is quite slow. I have basically full heirlooms but it still take a very long amount of time too level up. I have search this up before, but it appears that all of these guides are outdated and don't really work as well as they used to. Any suggestions?
  2. So, I recently started leveling a DK on here. All the quests were normal until one quest, where you needed to get into a mine cart and kill 100 crusade members. I got into the mine cart and I wasn't dragged along with the dwarf that was supposed to drag it. I am stuck, is there anyway I can still level my Dk? I see other people with 110 DKs, so what do I do?
  3. Thank you
  4. Hello, I made this post a while ago but I accidentally did it in the wrong forum. Anyways, since firestorm seemed to be a decent realm for legion I decided to install it again after a long time. After installing I dragged the folder from my downloads folder and ran "play firestorm.exe" It installed and I went on my way. I open "firestorm.exe" and it pops up with an error. Then I try "firestorm-64.exe" and it pops up with the same error. I may be stupid, but I actually can't find anything to help fix this issue. Here is the error, hope someone could help me fix this.