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  1. I was trying to follow the quest line to get my garisson upgraded in draenor and it was not working. But that is not the biggest problem. I logged out and when I tried to log back in, the app crashed with a critical error. The worst part is that this happened in two different freaking computers so I know it's not my laptop's problem. Can anybody help me please!
  2. Bad Wolf is and English speaking guil, we made so we can have a better gaming experience, we will try to help players as much as possible and we would appreciate if everyone helped us too! We are down for Dungeons and Guesting and we feel ready to do some raids! Join us and we will build the most member based guild there is! whisper to Shananay and Korilosn
  3. guil

    With the recent server problems I lost my newly founded guild. It was called Bad Wold and the Guild Maser was Shanany. Can anyone help me, please? I would hate to have to get the signatures all over again.