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  1. 1000 (binary)
  2. Just Blizzard UI with Tidy Plates
  3. We all have that problem...
  4. That's the website icon sprite
  5. ;_;
  6. Sorry, my bad! >.<
  7. Some people including me has issues with some game options not being saved so I've made a simple Addon to temporary fix some of the game options that mostly annoys me. It does the following: Disable Profanity FilterEnable Auto Dismount on castEnable Auto Dismount on cast (flying) Download: http://kustosan.github.io/addons/KustoAddon.rar (hosted in my own website) Enjoy(?).
  8. Just uploaded the files to my website repository, thanks for the suggestion! Link: https://github.com/KustoSan/kustosan.github.io/tree/master/addons
  9. You can merge only one account per expansion.
  10. I use the same client for other stuff as well hue
  11. Some people got banned because they abused a bug to exactly do the same thing you are sugesting, so I don't think they will add this feature =/ (Anyway It would be cool as far as you can wear the mog item ^o^/)
  12. Here's mine: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeKingdom Hearts IIÕkamiFinal Fantasy XIIWorld of WarcraftShenmueThe Legend of Zelda: Majora's MaskSonic AdventureFinal Fantasy XIIISuper Smash Bros 64Not in order.
  13. Welcomee Kothego ^o^/
  14. Use the firestorm email instead of the old Pandashan username.
  15. Set 1: Head: http://wowhead.com/item=32235 Shoulders: http://wowhead.com/item=95100 Chest: http://wowhead.com/item=95077 Belt: http://wowhead.com/item=95088 Hands: http://wowhead.com/item=60459 Legs: http://wowhead.com/item=114698 Boots: http://wowhead.com/item=60587 Tabard: http://wowhead.com/item=31405 Weapons: http://wowhead.com/item=8190 Set 2: Head: http://wowhead.com/item=94724 Hands: http://wowhead.com/item=95108 Boots: http://wowhead.com/item=55950 Weapons: Just showing off my legendaries xP
  16. Hi, I just logged into the website and checked the purchase history, then I noticed this: Is that some kind of shop test or something? Or will we really get those items? Just wondering.
  17. Just be patient...
  18. Sugoi sugoi <3