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  1. I couldn't access my account a couple of days ago then it turns out i was suspended for cheating. Well, i didn't use any software to cheat, i barely even know how to use addons. Anyway, the problem is this: if i'm banned for cheating even though i didn't then the method used to detect cheaters is wrong(if it's a software then it's not working well). Anyway, i haven't found the right part of the forum to post about this to get unbanned or get a proof of me cheating LOL maybe i'm doing something i'm not aware of?! The BIGGER PROBLEM IS: if i get my account back(either unbanned or after the suspension time is done), i will get banned again because of the same mistake! so there's no reason to wait for my account to be back or even start another one! Opinions and advice accepted! Best,
  2. Het guys!! I don't know if there's a section for this, so I decided to ask. MM hunter gear lvl 881 and 46 artifact. I dont know much since I'm new to the game. I've been farming shards and lately, i haven't got any better gear from the vendor. I joined world_en and guilds ask for 900+ so I couldn't join for raids. Should I keep farming shards ? Will it give me better gear at some point? Or is there another method or guilds for my current level? Thanks!
  3. sentinax

    i was sure that i didn't skip any quest. After scanning the wole place i found the one! I'll continue the questline. TY for your help.
  4. sentinax

    How come that other people can see the sentinax on the map but i can't!! Someone said i should do a WQ, but nothing changed after doing so. Does anybody know how to solve this? Right now, i keep searching for the portal places under the sentinax by myself an it's a drag, it would be easy if it was shown on the map.