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  2. I'm wondering do devlopers think about fixing mythic +? So HoV got patched after 5 players we're abusing the bosses in order to complete the key. 5 Players got banned, dungeon bug abuse got fixed but bosses haven't been fixed? So know Skovald is RNG? If you get the shield stuck in the green shit its a wipe, unless somehow you can survive the stacks.. I even bubbled and took the shield but when I took it off I instanly gained 10 stacks. Also the ticks of pulls in firestorm is instant, which makes Sanguine hard asf. And also all of these bosses. Illyanna Ravencrest, Harbaron, God-King Skovald, Naraxas, Archdruid Glaidalis, Glazer, Nal'tira. Illyanna Ravencrest the "Dark Rush" is not avoidable and needs massive dps check to kill it within the 2nd Dark Rush because you wont survive it in MM +15 in tyranical mode esp. It's an instant tick of dps and need high cds and burst heal. Harbaron the "Pull" are instant tick and hit way to fast also instead of 1 player it targets the whole group. God-King Skovald Phase 2 after he places a shield and spawns adds the green shit also gets x5 faster then on retail, its impossible to grab the shield if its atleast in 2 green pulls, you will gain atleast 6 stacks which is like 3mil dmg per second. Naraxas The same pulls are again faster then they should be. Glazer the damage of the gaze are way too quick and not avoidable which will insta kill even a tank. Nal'tira The web ticks are wayy to quick and basically makes you use a personal cd, but its still killable so needs a small fix, and you cannot run away from it sometimes it bugs out All about the rng. So how come does firestorm have this instant tick for 3 months and still haven't been fixed? I don't understand it do you have people to test shit you patched the bug abuses and made the another key impossible to do. So the keys that are possible right now is EoA, Arcway, neltharion lair. In high lvls.
  3. ^^
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg3L-X-jXug Btw this bug happens accidentally when u wipe and also the GM is a total rat, fucking would fire that moron instantly Hopefully this moron facelos reads it and reply's kappa i would /spit on him irl. He will be licking my ball sacks once i see him in-game lol fcking funny tho how this idiot try's to add players to the friend-list he's fucking stupid not enough IQ to be a GM.
  5. +1 If you think its should be allowed to exploit while its not working properly.