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  1. Shots fired
  2. @mitsumune Im sure I would clap you by side with closed eyes. The point is, if you really wanna do some PvE stuff you need to do it on Legion or MoP etc. Im pretty sure you have enough braincells to understand, the Firestorm Development isn't able to make every wish fulfilled. And the fact is, you're talking about being selfish, when you literally do the same. I talk about the PvP's and you're talking about the PvE's. Thinking = writing <3
  3. @mitsumune I think you're kinda retarded or something, Im not sure tho. We were talking about a Fun-Realm and especially about PvP because the Gul'dan-Server exists of PvP player. So, what ever you wanted to say us with your post, it doesnt make any sense in my eyes.
  4. I agree, with what Vinders said. People are saying irrelevant Contra arguments, which are making no sense.
  5. I really think its a try worth
  6. Yes, I agree with him.
  7. What Zull said is right. @Zullgod @Omegakiller
  8. HAHHAHAAHH I cant breath HELP ME GOD