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  1. I am trying to do the quest from Nomi in Dalaran titled 'Opening the Test Kitchen.' I am able to get the quest, but the barrel with Nomi's Silver Mackerel in the Alliance Inn kitchen is not clickable, so I cannot complete it. Any advice? Thanks!
  2. Have been baffled about what happened to fishing the last few weeks. Kept getting the error 'You can't do that here.' Finally figured out that if you stand in the water to the point just before you're swimming, you can fish. Enjoy!
  3. Have tried all suggestions, but still cannot log in. Once I click on a character name, the load screen gets to about 90%, then stops. Have also re-installed the client. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks, I tried max resolution, and yes, the network speed was on. The client just sits there at about 90% of loading with all characters. I'll try again tomorrow.
  5. Hi, Any time I try to log in a character on Sylvanas, it get stuck around 90% of loading. This has been going on since yesterday. I tried deleting my cache, WTF, and Interface folders, but that didn't help. Thanks for any assistance!
  6. I had to do the quest about 5 times before it completed correctly. Make sure you are doing each step that the quest requires correctly. Check out some Youtube videos of the quest. Also, sometimes you can't get credit for a step in the quest because someone else is doing it at the same time. Good luck, you will get it eventually.