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  1. Is there any information on what is causing server crashes every few minutes or any ETA on when the server may be stable? It's been a few weeks now, I'm not sure how long is typical after a patch, but this has been going on for a while still.
  2. Where are these content posts? I've been asking about them since the patch and haven't seen or heard of any patch content updates.
  3. Following for similar questions, particularly the changelog so we all know what is or is not available.
  4. Updates are big and complex, I don't mind waiting I just want some sort of ETA or way to know when it is ready so I don't have to check every few hours lol
  5. Hello, Does anyone have an estimate as to when the server may be stable to play? As of now after updating fully I am only able to play for 5 minutes before getting disconnected, at which time I have to restart my computer to open Firestorm again. How long has it taken on other patches? Is there any way to get notifications for stability (e.g., an thread about the server update by Firestorm themselves)? Thanks