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  1. Nah you won't.
  2. Title: Regular PvE tournaments Type: In-game Description: Greetings to anyone reading this! So as you know, recently, the whole weekly event announcement was made, and in the list of the events that can take place, I didn't spot any competetive pve events, as in raid or dungeon events. It's undeniable that the MDI on retail has received alot of attention lately, and maybe, since you're going to stream the events, it might be a good addition as an occasional event? (I compeletely understand that an event such as competetive m+ is not aimed at the vast majority of the server's population, which makes complete sense, but it's the same deal for the 2v2 events and especially the 3v3s). So, maybe, there's a tiny little spot for an event like that? as in once per 2-3 months. Assuming that an addition of an event of this kind is interesting to you, I'm going to post a few thoughts concering the assembly stage of the event. So, in terms of who can attend the event, maybe it would be wise to use the awesomely made pve ladders on the website. People can apply their groups to GMs/Animators/whoever is responsible for the event, and then judging from their position in the site ladder there could be like 8 teams that participate? An even more objective way in terms of skill to do this, would be to open a server that offers people the same ilvl of gear, so it's a bit more fair to newer players, as well as giving them keys, so they won't have to rely on rng. I know that this requires work, but I'm pretty confident it's gonna be worth it at the end of the day. I won't bore you with more details I've got in my head right now, I'm certain you've got the idea. If this is interesting for you and you are interested in talking a bit about it, you can find me ingame as Kappadh on Alliance or Trollreaper#0216. Thank you in advance, an avid m+ player.